The Pride of Dieng

On The Table


I know it doesn’t feel brand new here with me retaining the old design. What can I say, I’m either an old fashioned blogger or just too lazy to whip up a new design. In which the latter seems to be more likely. Nevertheless, it feels home, doesn’t it? Although I’m not quite sure if I’m still into blogging. Despite the time constraint, if I’m still into this, I should’ve always been able to find time to blog, shouldn’t I? To take pictures and write. When I keep coming up with the same old reason not to blog, doesn’t it say something? So why bother then?
Gee, you know what? I don’t know. Maybe I just miss it. Or being too nostalgic. Maybe I just don’t wanna let go yet. Or maybe, by keeping up blogging I’m hoping to be able to go back to those good old times. When everything seemed to be simpler and time was abundant.
Oh, screw.
I wanna tell you a story about the pride of Dieng Plateau. Carica and Dieng potatoes.


Will you?

Panci butut kebalik

Turned out that really is closing down ๐Ÿ™‚

Not that i’m not happy here, i am, but i think ultimately i decided to continue on

All the old archives will be kept here, safely and– hopefully– for good. So no worries.

While i’m breaking my bones building the new baking realm, please sit down and take your time reminiscing my old baking posts. Nostalgic, like the ice tea in your hands.

Once again i hope you’ll stick with me. Will you?


Wakatobi 003
The fish were so fresh you can see the bones hadn’t even changed color a bit! It’s turquoise blue!

This is just a short share of my backpacking to Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, last year, where food were as fresh as the air and the sea and the sky. We spent most of our days in the sea, so fish were abundant. When hunger struck, we would meet any fishermen and bought fish from them. Fifty thousand Rupiahs and we got a big bucket of fresh fish! And I meant as fresh as just captured! Continue reading Wakatobi!

Just released: Food Photography For Everyone. Yes, everyone!

Food Photography For Everyone
How is it to take a food photo that really works? Can I use my simple pocket camera? How can I start with my entry level DSLR? How is it to perform a photo session when I am on a budget, have only few equipment and choking constraining time? How does different lighting make the food different? What is it about focus, DoF, PoI, angle, composition, styling, props? What are they really all about? I just want to take a good food photo. Period. How?
Continue reading Just released: Food Photography For Everyone. Yes, everyone!