Not too Hot, Not too Sweet


I love tea. And the tea loves me.

I have tea everyday ‘coz it makes me happy. It relieves all-day stress, calms me down, gets me to my senses that everything’s gonna be alright.

In Ramadhan like this, a cup of tea is all I need to break the fasting at Maghrib time.

I don’t need anything else. Just a cup of tea. Not too hot, not too sweet. Simply heaven!


2 thoughts on “Not too Hot, Not too Sweet”

  1. i drink ice tea every day, just tea and ice.. i don’t like hot tea, viva ice tea..
    ri.. berarti 5 hari dari hari sabtu nanti ya baru jadi kolang kalingnya.. saya sabtu baru belanja.. nanti ya kalau udah jadi saya kasih tau, nanti saya suruh orang antar.. for free…. love manisan kolang kaling too!

    Mbak Rieke, you’re an angel… :* —-Riana

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