Balls of Joy (SHF #13: The Dark Side)


I never have milk chocolate stocked in my pantry. It’s always dark chocolate. I keep some white chocolate (it’s not chocolate!) mostly for garnish. So, one day, when I was craving reaaaally bad for something chocolatey, I turned left-over cakes into balls and balls of dark chocolate. All placed in black paper cups. Dark mood, sweet teeth. Just in time for Sugar High Friday #13; happy 1st anniversary! This time, Kelli of Lovescool is hosting the event (read her lovely roundup here). I hope i won’t be disqualified because I use a little bit of white chocolate, only for decorating purpose. Trust me.

Now, onto the balls.

When you have left-over cakes and are not ready to finish them, and your friends are not around to finish them either, just finely crush them (the cakes — not your friends), mix it with ganache, and voila! You’ve got yourself Balls of Joy!

I did that the other day to my left-over Bluder. There was no definite recipe here. I crushed the cakes using blender until they became fine crumbs, put the crumbs in a bowl. Set it aside.

Then I made the ganache. Ganache is basically a mixture of 1 part chocolate and 1 part cream. So I warmed 300 g cream (be careful not to boil it, because it’s easily scorched), then poured it into a bowl of dark chocolate that’s been cut into small chunks (also weighed 300 g). Stirred it until the chocolate melted and the mixture was smooth and shiny. I poured the ganache into the crumbs, mixed it well until it formed a thick dough that you can shape into balls. Then, ball away, my friend.

After you finish balling the dough, now came your creativity. As for me, it’s just to dip them into melted chocolate then place them in small paper cups. I had some white chocolate around, so I melted it and swirled it on the top of the chocolate covered balls. Gave them the ‘truffles’ look.

You’ll do better than me, I know. You can dress the balls as you like. Roll them on almond or peanut chunks, on confectioners sugar, on chocolate powder, just like you do truffles. And ow, I added a few drops of almond essence earlier into the ganache, giving it a hint of chocolate boutique kind of style πŸ˜€

When your cakes contain mixed fruit or any kind of nuts, it’s even better. The chocolate balls will have something crunchy inside that tingles your tounge with fruity or nutty flavor.

Well, okay, I’ll better go get some of them now. It’s the craving. It’s back again.

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  1. lisda says:

    Kalo crumbsnya pake browkus bisa ga yach?

    Bisa donk. Mmmmm… malah lebih nyoklaaaat deh.. —–Riana

  2. chronicler says:

    Oh my! I have a new favorite recipe! These are just perfect for the upcoming holidays! Thank you for sharing this secret treat with all of us. πŸ™‚

    Robyn, it’s an honor.
    I left a comment on your blog but it didn’t come out. Anyway, i love the pretty color of your souffle. I’m looking forward to make one soon. Thanks for coming by! ——Riana

  3. eliza says:

    comment on SHF: love the pictures! love the creativity! everything looks yummy…inspire me to enter it some time in the future :))

  4. rieke says:

    ampyun deh.. memang harus belajar nih, saya koq kalau bikin cake, ga pernah ketahuan jadi atau ga, selalu unpredictable.. kadang jadi bagus, kadang gagal.. hikzz.. padahal proses pembuatan sama.. 4 thumbs up buat riana.

  5. Endah says:

    Always find something inspiring here. Mbak, the chocolates are gorgeous. Mbak, cakenya dihancurin pake blender itu maksutnya blender yang buat juice itu bukan ya ? Many thanks Mbak Riana.

    Iya, blender yang biasa untuk juice.. —–Riana

  6. Shinta says:

    Mbak Riana, thanks for the idea, aku punya sepiring cake gagal di kulkasku. Mau dibuang sayang, eh kedapatan ide dari sini. Hihihi… Mix and cover with Chocolate, kayanya bakal ngobatin sakit hati karena gagal…

  7. celiaK says:

    That’s such a good idea, Riana. Thanks for sharing that. Now I know what to do with leftover cakes. πŸ™‚

  8. Nic says:

    Hi Riana. I think the white chocolate accents look superb. I just love swirly designs.

    Thanks, Nic. I love it too! ——Riana

  9. emily says:

    I’m drooling!

    Go make some πŸ™‚ ——Riana

  10. aya says:

    Give me an idea to make some on my mother’s arisan this saturday ^_^
    maybe i will change the “cake” part with crackers or some biscuits.
    hoping it’s work and have a good taste also just like d pic! ^_^

  11. maruko says:

    mbak aku hari ini coba bikin joy ball juga nie……… pake sisa brownies………. tapi hasilnya kok nggak seperti bayangan aku ya ……..enak sie, cuma kok kayaknya terlalu lembek gitu apa karna pengaruh blender ya mbak, maksudku aku blendernya cukup lama……….

    Kalo kelembekan berarti bahan cairnya terlalu banyak. Ganache-nya dimasukkan bertahap, sambil diliat adonannya. Kalo dia udah bisa dibentuk, udah. ———-Riana

  12. rita says:

    mbak, tolong tanya, aku bingung! apa yg disebut heavy cream, light cream, apa bedanya dgn milk?

    Rita, baca di sini deh.. ———-Riana

  13. Sakinah says:

    Thanks Riana for that brilliant idea…managed to save every crumb of an undesirable looking to cake to look like exactly you described, BALLS OF JOY!!

  14. Mariana says:

    mbak ri,cakep pisan rhum ballsnya..,mo tanya,gimana angkat itu rhum ballnya lalu cemplungin ke DCC?pake tangan apa sendok?ga belepotan atuh?maaci uda dijawab.ditunggu pencerahannya ya..

    Pake garpu, say. Belepotan garpunya, hehehe… Gampang kok, gak sesusah yang kita bayangin ———–Riana

  15. Sandra says:

    Hi…i tried your recipe yesterday…it was amazing! thanks πŸ™‚

  16. Wanda says:

    Mbak, white cooking chocolate yg putih bersih itu yg merk apa sih? Aku taunya Colatta doang. Tp itu warnanya kekuningan. Pas dicairin jdnya juga transparan. Trus utk bikin aksennya WCC-nya dicairin pake krim jg gak? Thanks ya mbak…

    Yang aku pake ini juga Colatta, dan memang gak putih bersih kok. Tapi karena kontras dengan DCC, dia jadi seolah-olah putih bersih. Gak pake krim, WCC doank.

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