My Own Blogging-By-Mail

I was so jealous of EBBP (Euro Blogging By Post) and BBM (Blogging By Mail). Imagine yourself receiving a mystery parcel from another cooking-blogger! How exciting!Actually I could join BBM, if only I could spare some time off my current project to think, wrap up the package and send it through a reliable courier service.
But yesterday I received a not-so-mysterious food parcel from another cooking-blogger, whose food blog I already linked long before she realized I even exist. Mbak Rieke of Sexy Chef sent me Sugar Palm Fruit preserves! Or we Indonesian called it Manisan Kolang-Kaling.
It all began with my nagging, when I saw her post about Manisan Kolang-Kaling, that immediately brought me to the memories of my late Mom. She used to make this preserve every Idul Fitri, and as far as I can remember, I was always the one who finished it all 🙂 . I love Manisan Kolang-Kaling.
Mbak Rieke, being a kind-hearted she always is, said she will make it and send it for me! Isn’t it the sweetest thing?

So, when I was so exhausted coming back from my refugee to find my house stinks very bad because of the flood the day before, how nice it was to find this package lying on the ottoman in my living room. I was kind of puzzled at first, reading the brand: Naracraft? Isn’t it a brand  belong to the Cosmo Mama? Then my mother in law said,”Hey, there’s a package for you from Ibu Rieke.”
noteI was like wooooooowwwww, what a n

9 thoughts on “My Own Blogging-By-Mail”

  1. jadi inget tuh ri, kalo jaman dulu beli kolang kaling, yg dateng ke rumahan. di ember gede, isinya kolang-kaling, kita milih sendiri, diraup satu-satu, dipilihin. oh…what a memory! i miss it so much…

  2. Btw…pertanyaannya OOT nich, hasil fotonya keren2 bgt, kalo’ boleh tahu pake kamera apa dong…

    Indah, dikau adalah orang ke 574 yang melontarkan pertanyaan sama.

    Kameranya Canon PowerShot A95!
    Canon kudu bayar gue neeeehhh….

  3. Waaaa Mbak, sama dunk kameranya (oya, aku mungkin termasuk dari 574 orang itu ya? *wink*) Btw, aku udah tau caranya foto dgn latar belakang blur gitu, gara-gara off kemarin Senin kemarin, utak-atik kamernya dech… Hihihi… Oya, kolang-kalingnya yummy bangets tuh…

    Tooooossssss! Best deal banget emang nih camera… Pertama kali aku bikin foto pake ini sempet terkejut-kejut,”Hah??? Gue nih yang bikin???” Cieeee…. juarrrra…! —–Riana

  4. He..he…penasaran banget. Habis..keren2 banget sich, kalo’ ini yg jago yg tukang motretnya ha..ha..Udah jago cooking, baking and photography lagi..Ccckkk…salut deh..bu..

    Ah, dek Indah bisa aja.. *lirak-lirik takut ada Darwis Triadi* —–Riana

  5. Kameranya sama Ri. Yang jadi masalah, belon bisa bikin poto sebagus dikau. Huehehehe😀
    Ah, akhirnya kolang-kalingnya dikirim juga to? (aku ngintip blognya mbak Rieke n blio bilang mo kirim ke kmu Ri). ;)Selamat yak. Bikinnya lama….😦

    Iya emang, mbak Rieke such an angel!

  6. Hi – I found your blog and was so excited since it was in Indonesia. Are you Indonesian? Do you have Indonesian recipes? Judy

    Hi Judy🙂
    Yes, I’m an Indonesian. Hmm…. I guess all the recipes I put here are mostly western, huh?😀
    I do have Indonesian recipes, I’ll try to post some of them, ok?
    Thanks for coming by my kitchen! ——-Riana

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