Surabaya Tidbits

A little tidbits from my last vacation in Surabaya.

Kafe Glass,




(Weeks later, I found the coconut cups and saucers (left photo) at Inkamart, Cilandak Mall. Yay!)
…took a peek at Bogasari Baking Center – Golden City Mall,



Tour de Toko Suroboyo!


4 thoughts on “Surabaya Tidbits”

  1. So jealous! I think I could spend hours in either place.

    Jennifer, I did. Then the shopkeeper approached me and said,”Excuse me, mam, no camera is allowed here.” πŸ˜€ ——-Riana

  2. Wah Mbak, kameranya sudah sembuh yah?

    Alhamdulillah, udah..!!
    Tapi foto-foto yang di atas itu ngambilnya pake camera jadul kakakku. Yah lumayan deh…
    Hey, I saw your work and it’s awesome. You deserve the scholarship. The foodblog is also wonderful. I’m linking you.. —-Riana

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