Top 5 Things To Eat Before You DIE

Eat, drink and be merry!
‘Cause tomorrow we’ll die…

“Tripping Billies” by Dave Matthews Band

If you know exactly when you’re gonna die, and you’re only allowed to eat 5 things before that happens, what are you gonna eat?

I was tagged by Riana Lagarde of Garlic Breath, who has such a beautiful name :D, for this meme called “Top 5 Things To Eat Before You Dieโ€.

BBC rounded up 50 Things To Eat Before You Die”, which came out unsatisfying for many foodbloggers. So Traveler’s Lunchbox started this meme project, which should be the better version of the one of BBC’s. Of course it’ll be better! It’s real, and it involves the best judges in the world (a.k.a. the world’s foodbloggers).

Now, people being tagged have to pick 5 top things they’ve eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die. So it will ultimately establish some kind of foodblogger’s guide to the world! So when you’re traveling some place, you will know at least 5 best food you have to eat. You know, before you eventually die!!

As Riana put it on her blog, “Top 5 Things To Eat Before You Dieโ€ is practically a highlight of the delicacies of world cuisine.

Being tagged, I feel honored. And flattered. I took it as a recognition of being a global foodblogger. Blogging in English finally paid off! Thanks, Riana ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here is my countdown list, are you ready?

Number 5:
Opor Ayam (Chicken in Coconut Milk Stew), Sumatera version
It is chicken in very thick and creamy brown coconut milk stew. My Mom made the best Opor Ayam. Mind you, it’s different than the Javanese version which is yellow in color and rather soupy. This Sumatera version is the one that is brown and very thick. And soooo much more delicious!!

Forgive me for listing two things in number five, because there’s no way I left one out. The other one is
Ayam Panggang Bumbu Rujak (Roasted Chicken with Rujak Spices)
This dish is common in Indonesia, and it’s my favorite. Spicy, savory, coconut-milky, it’s just finger lickin’ good. I never had enough of it, neeeeever had enough.

Number 4:
Sambal Roa (Roa Chili)
This is chili using smoked Roa fish as main ingredient. Beside the chilies themselves, of course. Roa fish is some kind of flying fish common in Manado, North Sulawesi. The smoky fish flavor blending with the flavor of ground chilies, shallots and tomatoes is just superb!

Number 3:
We adapted this dessert from the Dutch when they roamed around our land for 3,5 century. It’s a custard base dessert filled with young coconut flesh, kenari nut (Java almond), flavored with cinnamon, topped with soft meringue, raisins and more cinnamon. It’s a dessert you can’t miss, I’m tellin’ ya.

Number 2:
We’re up to number two already? Okay. Number two is
The fruit of Gods! No comment needed. With this one word on the search engine, you’d come up with hundreds of review about how divine this fruit is. Many people hate its smell, which actually is one of its divine elements. But like cheese, you may love it or hate it. For me, it’s like entering the heaven already..

…and finally, number 1:
Kepiting Saos Padang (Crab in Padang Sauce)
Padang is a beautiful town in West Sumatera that is identical with everything hot and spicy. So, yes, this crab dish is very hot and spicy, and heavenly delicious that I give it the number one position.
The ultimate choice is the one served by a restaurant in Bali (I forgot the name of the restaurant, but I’ll check with my sister and come back with an update). Update: the name of the restaurant is Puri Bali on Melasti street, near Legian area.
The second choice is the one served by a kedai (food stall) in Jakarta called “Sea Food 68”. They have 3 stalls, one in Jatinegara (the best) – Central Jakarta, one in Pasar Minggu Raya street – South jakarta, and one in Kemanggisan – West Jakarta.
The third choice is the one served by Raja Kepiting restaurant in Raya Serpong street – Serpong.

So, there you go, my friend. My top 5 things to eat before I die. Phewh!

Okay, now I have to tag 5 other fellow foodbloggers. I’m tagging…..
Eliza of Notes From My Food Diary, Yuke Tjandra of Piece By Piece, Dagmar of A Cat in the Kitchen, Fei of Intricated Simplicity, and Indah of Food Scribbles.

Let it roll, felas!


26 thoughts on “Top 5 Things To Eat Before You DIE”

  1. Ciekh…tumben ni mbak, lagi rajin ngeblog. Btw, masih pengen menikmati hidup dulu ah, semoga akan tambah banyak lagi variasi makanan yg ada didunia ini sebelum kita mati yah…. he he he..

    Feeling guilty, soalnya gulu pernah di-tag mengenai buku kuliner favorit, terus gak aku kerjain. Sekarang kena tag lagi, ya udah kudu.. Kebetulan aktivitas favoritku adalah memikirkan makanan enak, kekeke… ————-Riana

  2. Waaa, dari judulnya aja pasti slurp… btw, mbak, makanan2 yang ada di blog ini udah pernah dicoba dimasak semua…? Wooow…(kekaguman penikmat makan yang bukan anggota klub pemasak ๐Ÿ™‚ Hebat euy si mbak dan pecinta masak lainnya…membuat hidup lebih bergairah dengan masakan2nya. hehehe

    Udah dicoba semua dunk.. Kalo belom nyoba, gak beranilah posting resep di sini.
    Eeeh, kamu kudu nyobain bikin satu bijiiiiiiii aja.. yang gampang aja.. Gak nyesel deh. Pengen lebih bergairah kan? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ———–Riana

  3. okeh…okeh…dikerjain. jadi mikir nih apa yg pantes masuk top 5 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Paling asik mikirin makanan enak. Tapi paling susah nentuin yang ‘paling’ enak ๐Ÿ™‚ ————Riana

  4. mbak, don’t approve this yah…
    btw, koq mbak bisa tau blog aq yah? padahal kan ga aq kasih tau lho? gimana caranya itu? hemm…aq jadi bingung nih. Apa karena udah aq link, jadi ada report ke blognya mbak Riana kali yah? tolong penjelasannya ya mbak..
    maklum, lagi belajar soal blog, cara ngelink aja baru dapet kemaren… glek…he..he…
    Maaf ga tau alamat email mbak Riana, jadi kirim lewat blog aja. Thanx you udah mampir ke blog aku.

    Ikha, aku udah bales ke emailmu ya.. ————Riana

  5. “For me, itโ€™s like entering the heaven already..”
    Hehe setujuuu…btw, ibu temenku punya resep modifikasi ‘klapertaart durian’ hasil eksperimen sendiri, n dia nyebutnya ‘Kue Surga’ ..hehe..dulu ngetop banget di kompleks-ku. Ampe skrg aku blum dpt copy resepnya hiks..*tetap berjuang*

    Kue Surga! Cocoooook… ——–Riana

  6. Hebaaaat…emang ndak ada matinya neh mbak ku yang satu ini, selalu aza muncul dengan idenya yang ngejreeng…:)..Btw, semalem aku udah nyoba seafoode 68 nya, wah amburadul program diet nya..(maaf dr. shinta.hehehe)..enyak enyaaakk….Luv ya ri…

    Luv u too, Yulia! ———-Riana

  7. I will take one of each please! I need to fly to Bali to get that spicy crab? I might just do it! You are fabulous, Riana and it is so fun to “meet” another well-named chef across the world on the internet. Big Hugs, Riana Lagarde

    ((((Hug back))))) ———–Riana Ambarsari

  8. hadoooh mbak Ri… aku jg kena tag neh sama Dhona. pikiran kita kok hampir sama, klappertaart en sambal Roa. hehehe…. oya, aku kelupaan laporan carrot cake ya… *jletuk* enyak mbak! thanks ya… *hugs*

  9. nyem nyem nyemmmm…
    opor ayam ala sumatera emang lebih yahud dibanding versi jawa.
    ayam panggang bumbu rujak, jangan dada yee.
    sambel roa, sumpee pertama dan terakhir gw nyicipin pas kursus di Tania tuh, ampe sekarang belon nyicipin lagi, dimana ye yang enak?
    klappertart.. heehhe.. gw belon pernah nyicipin yang tembak langsung dari menado neh, enakan mana ama resep gw?
    duren… slurrrp… tapi bumil gak buleh neeeeh.
    kepiting saos padang gak tahan pedesnya jek, daku lebih seneng kepiting lada hitam yang biasa dibawain oleh oleh sama bojo dari balikpapan… uenaaaaak

  10. kekekekeke… opor sumatra, beneeer! daku juga kurang suka ama opor jawa yang pucat, encer pulak. Nenekku kalo bikin opor juga mirip ama versi Sumatra yang nyoklat. Nyoklatnya karena santan kental yang dimasak sampe legit. Hwaaaa…. jadi pengen kabur kemana yah kalo gini, gak ada yang juwal opor sumatra disini :((

  11. Mbak, saya lagi cari resep kepiting saus dpt na byk yg pake sambel” botolan..Jd ga terlalu enak ya..Trus aku da buka ne kok ga ketemu” resep na ya? Bole tolong kirimkan resep na ke email ku? Makasi banyak lho~

    Huaaaaa…. gak pernah bikin sendiriiii… Leave it to the pro ๐Ÿ™‚ ————-Riana

  12. Halo mbak Ri, salam kenal. Sblmnya thanks bgt ya dah jadi inspirasiku dlm bidang baking-membaking. Banyak pencerhahan yang aku dapet. Thank u so much! Aku dah sering ke sini, tapi baru kali ini bisa ninggalin comment. Mbak Ri tau ajah makanan yang enak2! Setuju banget tuh ama yang di atas! Scr aku campuran menado-padang, jd tau banget deh nikmatnya sambal roa apalagi makannya pake bubur menado.Mmhhh!!!Mau resep opor sumatranya dong mbak. Kayaknya sedep bener tuh…

  13. Tambah satu lagi mbak : Pennylane Brownies. Mm…Heaven! Istriku sering bikin tuh. Thnx 4 sharing the recipe.

    Hehehe.. tersanjung nih daku sebagai penyambung resep ๐Ÿ™‚ ——–Riana

  14. Man, I’m a big fan of the first one (Chicken in coconut.) Yum. Not sure if it would be the first thing I would eat before I die. Maybe the very last thing I would eat is that poisonish fish that apparently the Japanese eat where you have a 50/50 chance of surviving (something like if it isn’t cut properly the poison may get into the meat). It’s supposed to be some huge delicacy โ€“ if I’m going to die, might as well eat that last, as I know I’m going to die anyway. Not sure if it really tastes that amazing though– it’s raw fish, after all.

  15. sorry I let this meme die in my hands..the timing was just not right, was preparing my intercontinental wedding and more and more things get shoved to the bottom of my priority list.. I haven’t really been blogging lately – the kitchen section has been dead for months!!
    Anyway, I’m adding you to my blogroll – still figuring out the new platform though ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Mbak, blog mbak yang lama itu, yang commentsnya banyak ttg cake udah didelete ya mbak? Bisa ngak mbak dimunculkan lagi ? krn byk info yg masih aku perlukan dari situ, and blm aku copy. Thx mbak.

    Dari dulu blogku yang ini-ini juga kok, say. Dulu pernah pindahan dari dan, tapi di sana belum sempat banyak comment tuh. Coba search aja di kotak search di bagian atas deh. โ€”โ€”โ€”-Riana

  17. Mbak, aku mau tny ttg icing, blh kan? Royal icing yang buat cookies bisa ngak dipake utk cupcakes? Or icing untuk cookies itu sama dengan yang untuk cupcakes?

    Beda, tapi bisa-bisa aja dipake.

    Kalau beda di mana letak perbedaannya?

    Royal icing itu akan mengeras, dan manis sekali (gula dan putih telur). Icing untuk cupcakes lembut dan manisnya lembut, terbuat dari mentega putih dan krim pengembang.

    Mbak, buku mbak masuk ke gramedia ngak?


    Thx a lot ya mbak.

    Sama-sama ๐Ÿ™‚

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