Butterscotch Cheesecake

Gather Up
It was one day after we lost Inong. I was so sad, brokendown. I’d been quiet all day and silently crying my eyes out.
Looking at my graveyard face, hubby came up with a devastating idea of the year,”Bake some cake. It will make you feel better,” a desperate attempt to cheer me up. A desperate attempt, indeed.
Not only it sounded silly as hell, it was ridiculous to the extreme. I mean, what was he thinking? Baking would only make me cry even louder because it would just remind me of Inong and all of the encounters I had with her. Baking! Is he insane? Oops, I forgot, he is insane. That’s why we hooked up in the first place, didn’t we, honey?
Ow, alright. I had Philadelphia cream cheese in my fridge, screaming to be used. I was gonna bake a freestyle cheesecake. As free as can be. I was kind of hoping it will fail. Look at me, I was so down I was turning into a bitter hag.
So I preheated my oven at 175 Celcius degree, boil some water for au bain marie. I grabbed a 14 cm round springform pan, wrapped the outside base with aluminum foil. Threw rolled oats, soy oil, milk, salt and honey into the pan, mixed them well and press the crumbs into the base. I didn’t even bother to bake the crust first.
Then I threw 400 gr Philly cream cheese into the blender. Added 3 eggs, 100 gr dark brown sugar, 100 gr skim milk thickened with a little bit of lime juice (fresh squeezed). Processed them until smooth, and poured the batter into the pan. I baked it au bain marie for about 75 minutes, let it cool in the oven, then refrigerated it overnight.
I almost forgot I had this cheesecake until the afternoon on the the next day, when I was trying to find comfort from food. The sweet one, to be precise. And,… surprisingly… it turned out good. It was butterscotchy good! Ow, how I love the taste of butterscotch!
The crust, on the other hand, was not good 🙂 So if you want to make this, I suggest you use your own favorite crust recipe, or simply bake it without the crust. But you have to use Philly, though. I think it was Philly which made it wonderful. I don’t think it would be this good if I used another brand. So, Philly is a must. No compromise.


12 thoughts on “Butterscotch Cheesecake”

  1. huehehehe, bener Liz, kayaknya Riana bermaksud promosi Philly Cheese Cream kali ini :). Ri, sambal Roa teh, yg kayak apa sih? Can’t remember having eaten it. Harus cari resepnya nih. Penasaran :P.

  2. Hm..hm…yummy…yummy..n tiada kata yang dapat kuucapkan selain enyaa….k enyaa…k. Mba’ nga bisa ya bikin orang nga’ ngiler, n mata terbelalak ngeliatin tuch kue he..he… Mba’ emailnya dah kubaca tp aku ragu deh email ku ketrm nga’ ya? lg error. Tp dah ku transfer nanti aku coba lg deh. Thankyu.

    Say, bukunya on the way ya. Uangmu kelebihaaaan…. Ditunggu nomor rekeningnya ya 🙂 ———–Riana

  3. Hi Mbak Riana…

    wah, ada yang baru lagi neh..hehehe..surprise yach, justru di saat yang gak dinyana-nyana bisa tercipta kreasi yang unik and (surprisingly) good.

    Baking has been some kind of therapy too for me. whenever i feel ‘lost’, spending few hours in the kitchen and doing stuff (that i know i love to do) really helps to keep me focused to something else and usually it always ends up with more positive thinking, light-hearted, and..something to eat. hehehe :p.

    btw, sebagai seorang ‘sales person’ nya philly (hehehe), kira-kira berapa lama cream cheese masih layak untuk dikonsumsi sejak kemasan dibuka? soalnya aku sering gak langsung habis nih.. kalo kelamaan agak ragu juga, soalnya kan cream cheese itu rentan rusak. kalo gak salah aku pernah baca, sebaiknya cream cheese digunakan paling lama 10 hari sejak kemasan dibuka pertama kali…apa benar begitu, mbak? makasih banyak ya 🙂

    keep on baking (and smiling)
    cheers 🙂

    Too bad, it’s true 😦
    Jadi emang sebaiknya belinya kemasan kecil, jadi kalopun bersisa, sisanya sedikit, bisa dicampur ke omelet, atau buat olesan crackers. Kalo sisanya banyak terpaksa diolah jadi hidangan secepatnya. Sebetulnya umur keju yang pendek ini bagus, karena dengan demikian kita selalu akan pakai produk yang segar. So, kalo ada sisa, kirim aja ke aku, hehehe……… ———Riana

  4. Mbak, aku nangis baca posting ini. Baking really makes our lives happier. Setahun lalu, aku kehilangan putri pertamaku. Cuma dengan memanggang kue ternyata energiku bisa terkuras habis di malam hari dan gak terus2an mikir anakku.

  5. Hi Riana,
    Tot of making this delicious cheesecake. Can substitute 100gm skim milk with cream? whipping cream or all=purpose cream? Thanks!

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