Irish Soda Bread for the World Bread Day

Irish Soda Bread
Isn’t it great there’s a day dedicated for bread? Zorra is hosting this event, go visit her blog for more about this day and –of course– the round up.
Old BookI love yeast bread. And for this special day, I decided to try an ancient recipe. So from this ancient book, I chose Buttermilk Rolls, which sounds simple but hearty. I started preparing the flour, milk, salt, then the disaster began. I was soooo sure I bought a box of instant yeast last week. But there was no yeast anywhere in my kitchen cupboard! It’s almost Maghrib time and I have to prepare for breaking (from fasting). So I told Agus, the helper, to go to the nearest grocery store after maghrib and buy a box of instant yeast. Phewh, so close.
Chapter 18About 15 minutes after Maghrib, Agus came back and gave me Ragi Tape! It’s the yeast for making fremented rice or cassava! Not sure it can be used for baking bread. I didn’t think so.
Quick, look for another alternative! Ok, there were ancient recipes of non-yeast bread. But I don’t really like non-yeast bread. They are densed. I love airy bread. Well, maybe it’s time to dare myself.
So, there I went picking this recipe “Irish Soda Bread”. It looks pretty, I love loafy looks bread. But still it’s non-yeast, so I just ate the crust and left the rest πŸ™‚
Happy bread day, everyone.
I'm Round
About the book:
It’s The Doubleday Cookbook – Complete Contemporary Cooking by Jean Anderson & Elaine Hanna. You can see the newer edition at Amazon. Mine is the old 1975 release.


6 thoughts on “Irish Soda Bread for the World Bread Day”

  1. Aku baru aja buka blognya Mbak, wah fotonya bagus-bagus banget, sangat artistik dan membuat orang yang lihat jadi ngiler. Boleh tahu mbak, pemotretannya pakai blitz atau pakai lampu tambahan? thanks

    Pake matahari only πŸ™‚ ——–Riana

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