Retro Recipe Challenge #4: Koninginne Soep

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Rain, rain.. come again another day
or today whenever you may
bless the grass, bless the earth
with my window glass you flirt


Laura Rebecca hosted Retro Recipe Challenge every month on Retro Recipe Challenge Blog. This month’s theme was Fall. Well, we don’t have Fall here, but the cold wind that comes with the upcoming rainy season makes my front yard all covered with leaves. It’s Fall in my front yard. So I’m up for this theme.
Retro, short for retrospective, is a modern term used to describe things from a bygone era. –

Oooh, comfort food. Nothing beats the comfort of slurping a big spoonful of warm homemade cream soup in a cold windy days. Rain had began to visit Jakarta every now and then, peacefully taking its turn with the pinching hot sun. Although wet season is not really here yet, clouds are now hanging on the sky and cold wind is breezing through my window. Maybe it’s gonna rain tonight. Hopefully.
Flipping through my old recipe book, where I kept recipes I collected when I was 8, there were plenty of choices I could use. Traditional hot drinks like Bajigur, Angsle, Wedang Ronde, Sekoteng, would be very nice choices. But I just can’t resist the image of me gulping those creamy homemade soup and feel its smoothness caressing my tongue and its warmth swirling in my tummy afterward, leaving soft tasty broth in my lips.
I clipped the recipe long ago from Gadis Magazine belonged to my big sister, October 1980 edition. It adapted the dutch name: Koninginne Soep, which is basically cream soup with mushrooms and chicken chunks. I used big straw mushrooms and followed the recipe word by word, including making the broth from scratch and boil it for two hours. And oh it was so good! At first I though the mushrooms were too many and my soup began to smell like damp straw. But then the magic happened when the milk was poured. The whole soup became so soft in everything. Soft taste, soft smell, soft texture.
No more store-bought soup for me.

Sup Ratu (Koninginne Soep)
Make the broth:

  1. In a stock pot, throw in:
    1/2 chicken (use male chicken or the one with muscly meat, rather than regular chicken that is usually very tender)
    1/2 carrot (do not cut up)
    3 shallots, peeled and cut into halves
    1 tsp whole kernel pepper
    1 cm nutmeg
    1 piece mace
    1 stick celery
  2. Pour enough water to cover all the ingredients and enough to ensure you don’t have to add more water during cooking.
  3. Boil the mixture, then turn down the heat. Let it boil at low heat for two hours. Strain the broth.

The Soup (not the tv programme):
50 gr flour
50 gr butter
50 gr onion, chopped
1000 ml broth you just made (add water if necessary), reheated
100 ml evaporated milk (I used fresh milk, and yes it’s full cream, baby)
Cooked chicken meat from 1/2 chicken you used to make broth, cubed
350 gr straw mushrooms, clean, cut in halves or quarters
1 egg, whisk lightly with fork
Ground nutmeg, ground pepper and salt to taste
1 stick celery, chopped for garnish

  1. Melt butter in the bottom of stock pot, sautee the onion until tender. Add flour, stir, it will create lumps. Pour the broth little by little while continue stirring to make a smooth sauce. If you pour the broth all at once it will make lumps. So, be patient, pour it very slowly while you work your wooden spoon, creating smooth creamy soup.
  2. Add ground pepper, ground nutmeg and salt to taste.
  3. Add milk, cubed chicken and mushrooms.
  4. Add a little soup into the egg, stir well, then pour the mixture back into the soup. Stir well. Turn off the stove.
    Do not be tempted to add more and more salt if you find the taste is too soft. No matter how much salt you add, the taste will still be soft.
  5. Sprinkle with chopped celery.

Koninginne Soep

Rain, rain.. come with the cold wind
wash away the dust on my trash bin
come again tomorrow or whenever you may
bless the leaves, covered my pathway
whisper to my ears
lovely season on its way
“Fall in My front Yard” by Riana Ambarsari

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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Mariana says:

    halo mbak ri..,lama nih ga posting?iparnya mbak uda melahirkan?mo izin bole ku link ga mbak?secara mbak ri salah 1 sumber inspirasiku.hehe…

    Iya, aku punya keponakan baru!! Jadi sekarang keponakanku ada sembilan 😀
    Dilink, boleh donk ah. Thanks ya ————–Riana

  2. small cookie says:

    welcome back! I was begining to miss you and your blog.

    small cookie, thanks! —-Riana

  3. eliza says:

    jadi kangen baca majalah Gadis 😛 kenapa diterjemahin jadi sup ratu ya?

    Karena ternyata Koninginne itu artinya “Queen”, hihihi..

  4. ritha says:

    Aaaa, natsukashiii… (kangen, teringat kembali) ama majalah Gadis. Haiya, bacaanku pas ABG dulu :). Kalo kami menamainya sup susu :). Ah ya, Welcome back, Ri!

  5. Lia says:

    Thanx info toplesnya Ri. Sby lagi panas2nya, gaada ujan, teriknya amppuunnnn… Wiken kemaren aku bikin cream soup juga tapi pake redbean, hiks yang makan aku dowang lainnya gaada yang mauw :(( btw evap milk yang king of kings tuh fersi fulkrim loh. Punya resep apa ajah dari Gadis? hihihii… jadi inget Si Do’i-nya Gadis. Sayang Gadis saiki udah beda jauh yah ama jaman kita2.

  6. paris says:


    purely by coincidence I discovered your blog and had to laugh when I saw Koninginnesoup… I am half Dutch/half Indonesian and it’s great to see how something Dutch pops up….

    tell me… do you have a great recipe for Rendang ? and for nasi goreng ?
    bye for now !


    Hi Paris, thanks for coming by my blog. Haha, I can imagine how you laugh when seeing something familiar to you like Koninginne soep. Rendang & Nasi Goreng? Yes, I do have them, especially nasi goreng, I have plenty. Will find time to post soon! ———–Riana

  7. This looks so good. Lovely shots too! I would have tons of this soup, I can tell!

  8. Apin says:

    waah, bisa dibuat lagu tuh Ri….
    Rain, rain.. come again another day
    or today whenever you may
    Sweet poem..

    Piiin, maap blom dikirim filenya, krn ternyata sizenya gede banget. Nanti aku rekam ke CD aja ya.. —Riana

  9. Fenny says:

    hi mbak riana,
    kangeeen ih udah lama gak baca postingannya 😀
    jadi inget nursery rhymes yg rada mirip.

    rain, rain go away come another day
    little children, little children, little children
    want to play.

    hehehe.. jadi nyanyi dueeeh.
    btw, minta ijin poemnya aku save yaaa 😀

    Fennyiiiiii, I know that nursery rhymes! Dulu sama temenku sering nyanyiin rhymes itu, jadi aku terinspirasi dari situ juga. But because I’m a rain person, dengan bandelnya liriknya aku ubah (lagunya tetep sama):

    Rain, rain, come again
    for my heart’s so blue today (kebetulan pas lagi bete)
    little children, little children, little children
    go away!

    LOL… Temenku dengernya ketawa campur marah-marah! ———– Riana

  10. Andrie Anne says:

    Ah sudah balik rupanya. Welcome back !

  11. conna says:

    hooooo…menggiurkan bgt

  12. Wanda says:

    Bahasah indonesahnya ada ga mbak…?

    ada, tapi di buku jadulku itu 😦 ———-Riana

  13. intan says:

    mbak riana… itu airnya kira2 berapa banyak ya?.. mace itu apa sih 😀

    Airnya sampe nutupin semua bahan-bahannya. Mace itu bunga pala 🙂 ———-Riana

  14. Wow, the cooking way of this Koninginne Soep is great and easy to cook, I’ll try it later and I hope it tastes delicious. Just one suggestion: If you add some cooking pictures it will be easier to follow! One question:How to add you blog into my rrs reader? thanks so much.

    You can find the feed on the sidebar under “Subscribe”, there are plenty of links there, you can choose one the most readable to your rss reader.
    Yup, you’re right, cooking pictures will make it easier, but I guess I’m too lazy to do so :((
    Thank you for subscribing! —————Riana

  15. kangeeen ih udah lama gak baca postingannya 😀
    jadi inget nursery rhymes yg rada mirip.

    rain, rain go away come another day
    little children, little children, little children
    want to play.

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