Multiple Orgasms
Song: Stay – Dave Matthews Band

Eliza of Notes From My Food Diary sent me these two wonderful magazines, Bon Appetite & Woman’s Day and… Dave Matthews Band The Central Park Concert double DVDs!!
The magazines were so entertaining. Knowing that I fall easily for pretty pictures of food, I carried these babies with me the whole weekend. And surprisingly, checking out Woman’s Day’s website, I realized that it was the site from where I got the design and instruction for the sunflower cake I made a few months ago. I’ve put on an update for that.
Now about that multiple sum’n I mentioned above…

I got them when watching the DVDs.
Suddenly I felt like I am in the Cental Park myself enjoying the concert!
I know I love Dave Matthews Band oh-so-much, but watching the concert is whole another thing! Specially when their video –even their albums– are rarely found in Indonesia.
The best part was that they performed songs from their old albums back from the late 90s, except for the song Where Are You Going, which did not seem like a major repertoire in the concert compared to other songs. And not even one from Everyday album! I personally had my mercy on Everyday, I mean, I thought at least Space Between would have been there. But no, not at all! I found it’s a li’l bit weird, but heck, that’s my man!

Beautiful, beautiful music ever exist.. And, ooooh, it’s still coming!
Thanks, Liz. You’re cool 😉
Not because you sent me the DVDs, but because you’re cool, girl! And your family, too!
About Dave Matthews Band
Bon Appetite
Woman’s Day Magazine

My apology for posting this slightly-food-related article. But I just can’t help it! Eliza and I have two things in common: Food and Dave Matthews! Haha.. Music itself is so close to my baking activity. So you know you just have to forgive me. Hey, just like Dave said: Eat, drink and be merry!

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