Joe, I Confess


I hope this won’t sound cocky or anything. On the other hand actually, it’s because my luck in writing has never been good all of my life, I feel it’s just natural to record the first, and might be the only, paid published writing I finally made. As pathetic as it can be, be it πŸ™‚

Do you know the feeling when you’re suddenly craving for a very good blueberry cheesecake, and right in that moment, your door’s suddenly opened by Seven Grain delivery guy with perfect blueberry cheesecake in his hand specially delivered for you? Surreal, isn’t it?

One day, I was checking my mail, thinking about—well—food. I was thinking how great it would be if I can write about food, just like what I’ve been doing in my blog, and get paid. Being a food writer or sort of. Right in that moment, yes, that moment, an email came from the chief editor of Pastry & Baking Asia Pacific Magazine asking me if I’m interested to write something for the magazine (Thanks, Joe. I owe you one).

Surreal. Just surreal.

So don’t blame me if the edition goes into an ultra-secure glass box.


So there it went. An article about William Wongso and his Vineth Bakery. It was so fun. Thinking back, I still recall the moment as just surreal as God decided that I might have done a little tiny good thing in the past and deserve a little kick in the a** to get me to work my way toward this direction, or else, He’d give up on me completely.
As for the magazine itself, I loved it. I got 3 editions from my sister-in-law about two years ago and loved them. It has great pictures, unique features, you got to see it for yourself to do the justice (I’m not kissing any ***es here :D).
I hope I can do this more often. But otherwise, I can die a happy man now.


36 thoughts on “Joe, I Confess”

  1. Senengnya dikaw muncul kembali Mbak.
    ~bbrp kali mampir, cuma nemu panci kebalik 😦
    Duh, kebayang bahagianya bisa nulis kayag gini. Hebad bgt. Congratulations Mbak Ri!
    Pengen baca tulisannya niy. Bisa dpt di mana majalahnya?

    Pesen langsung aja, Van, ke joem at PastryAP dot com. Atau kalo ada temen/sodara yang di Singapore, titip aja. Tempo hari Roni (the photographer I worked on the article with) juga beli beberapa eksemplar lewat sodaranya yang sekolah di Singapore. Thanks ya.. I was lucky. ——–Riana

  2. Selamat ya mbaa..
    keren dee.. majalahnya ga ada di Indo ya? Pinjem dunk mbaa.

    Iya, Rer, terbitnya cuma di Singapore. Huh 😦
    Boleh, kalo mau pinjem. Kapan ke mana? πŸ™‚ ———-Riana

  3. Yaaay…you’re back! Congrats on the writing. What is the perfect job for someone who loves food and travel other than a food writer..? It must have felt like living your dream, isn’t it mbak:).Congrats!

  4. Salam Kenal Mnak Riana, aku selalu baca blogmu… ( baru2 aja sih) dari awal sampe terakhir , aku juga ikutin ceritamu di blogmu yang lain.. SALUT..
    Seneng udah kembali lagi ke blog ini .. Hem.. perlu diakui.. your blog is one of my inspiration to create a blog… ( cause i’m gaptek person so a dont thik about the blog and writting stafff and bla2…) BUT… STILL This blog is one of may inspiration

  5. Riana, congratulation! Surely you deserve it. You’ve done so many good things on me πŸ™‚

    I did? Then I should thank you!
    Thank you, Anastasia. Thank you πŸ™‚ ———–Riana

  6. Riana dear, I really really miss you: your recipes, your photograph, your story, even your posting in NCC milist. Well congratulations on your achievement, please please make this blog alive again ya bu…….

    Widhy, I miss you too! Yah, maklumlah, aku balik dial up lagi, jadi boros banget. Kayaknya juga gak bisa update sering2 nih. Sebulan sekali udah alhamdulillah..
    Oh, Bignet! Mengapa dikau begitu enggan masuk Jakarta?? ——Riana

  7. Mbak Ri, kangennya. Seneng deh, dateng2 bawa berita gembira. Congrats for the published writing. Salam Jepret buat mas Rony…

    Rooon, nih salam jepret, Ron!———Riana

  8. wah…congrats ya ri! ternyata balik dari hiatus bikin something surprisingly different! Thumbs up! sukses yaaa…

  9. mbak riana.. blognya keren bgt!! foto2 makanannya bikin ngiler, ceritanya masuk akal… *lohhhh???* sukses terus yaaaa…:)

  10. Mbak Riana,
    Congrats deeeee….
    Telat banget buka blognya lagi, kelamaan Hiatus nya, hehehehehe… Mudah2an masih kebagian majalahnya di S’Pore…

  11. Assalamu’alaikum

    Tahniah…congratulation on your first published paid writing (bener gak grammar ku mbak?..he..he..

    Semoga sukses selalu…and antrian job menulis makin banyak….


  12. waaah mbak riana, congrats yaaa!!
    udah lama gak buka tau2nya udah jadi selebriti hihihihi..
    sayang aku telat bacanya, baru balik dari singapore selasa kmrn.
    majalahnya yg edisi kapan?

  13. Mba Riana….apa kabar? wah ada update yg okeh surokeh niih. Seneng banget bisa kenal dgn mba Riana…abis hebat pisan euy, ya nulis, ya moto, ya bikin kue, ya semua2 deh. kangen….kapan ada acara kumpul2 ya?

  14. gosh, i’ve been dreaming about this for a long time, and i could just dream until today. lucky you, you got so many talented people around you and yourself. keep up the good work! salam buat pak william, i adore him!

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