After The Rain

Looks Like Weird Mushroom
After the rain
washes away the tears
and all the pain
only after the rain
you’ll live again
“After The Rain” ~ Nelson

As for me, it’s After Disasters. After disasters, I’ll live again.
Crinkles Disaster
Disaster #1:
This is what you’re gonna get if you tried a Chocolate Crinkles recipe, or Chocolate Crackle some other would say, which obviously had too much liquid in its composition of ingredients. And the baker, that means me, was too ignorant to notice such thing. Well, at least it had the cracks. Flat cracks. It tasted good, though.
Disaster #2:

This is what happened when you rolled an already perfect chocolate crinkles batter in… donut dusting. I mean, who was the idiot that got this idea of using donut dusting! Of course it would melt away the minute it got into the oven. It melts one second it got into our mouth, for God’s sake! It’s me. I’m the idiot.
Disaster #3:
The ultimate disaster in the history of chocolate crinkles baking of all time. Kids, this is what happened when you stubbornly kept using the previous batter, the one with too much liquid that produced ugly flat cookies in disaster number one, rolled the balls in —that’s right— donut dusting, put them on cookie sheet, then put the cookie sheet in refrigerator prior to baking, thinking that the cold temperature will hold their shape before the heat finally baked them done. Kids, you do not want to do that. Do not try this at home.
However, the lava fertilizes the soil after volcano eruption. The earth is re-nourished and clean after a heavy rain. After disasters, come nothing but… a success!
Crinkles Some More
Crinkles Crinkles Little Stars Chocolate Crinkles
Have I posted pictures enough?
Recipes I used, verdict, & some wisdom:
The successful one, was the one from Joy of Baking. The disaster-number-one, was from Taste of Home. Not to discredit Taste of Home, because it did taste better than the one from Joy of Baking.
While Joy of Baking’s was giving nice rounded dome cookie shape, it fell flat in taste. It was just straight chocolaty. Taste of Home’s jumped far from chocolate to coffee, to rich toffee —thanks to brown sugar. What’s flat about it was the shape. So, my suggestion is to combine both. After learning the hard way, let me share some wisdom:

  • Use Joy of Baking’s recipe, or whatever recipe you like, but make sure you add 1 Tbsp of instant coffee granules to the butter, and substitute half of the sugar with brown sugar.
  • I tend to reduce any sugar amount in western recipes, because our sugar is sweeter. Especially our palm sugar. Sweeter and wetter. So, if you’re in Indonesia trying western recipes, don’t go all out for sugar yet. Try reducing it about 20-30% from original recipe. Often times I cut it to half.
  • Roll the dough balls in regular powdered sugar. Not donut dusting.
  • Roll the dough balls in powdered sugar until they are heavily coated. Roll and roll them again if the chocolate still shows. You want them to look like Mochi bun. Pretty much like these:


Well, after disasters, you’ll live again.
After the rain
washes away the tears
and all the pain
only after the rain
you’ll live again


11 thoughts on “After The Rain”

  1. waa… i always love this cookies..
    this cookies remind me of my love stories
    i never thought will found the recipes with lots of tips..
    thanks A LOT!!:)

    Whoa, love stories? Sounds like a lot? Do tell!!! ———Riana

  2. i’ll tell those stories ( 2 is a lot right? :p)
    after my succesSful stories of chocolate crinkles.:)
    ~status: still trying 😦 — taste good no crackle

    Tell. You’ll feel better πŸ™‚ ——-Riana

  3. i’ve tried baking this recipe.. it always goes flat.. so what really is the secret for keeping it rounded?? thanks

    You sure using the same recipe from Joy of Baking? Hmm.. When it goes flat, usually it has too much liquid. Check again with your ingredients, or add more flour and see what happened. ——-Riana

  4. Daku dah coba resepnya sesuai verdict n wisdom dari mbak. Dan… SUKSES!! Rounded dome cookie shape with lovely crackle.. really nice.. πŸ™‚ I like the coffee taste but not all my family member liked it. Some of them say it’s strange. it’s like deceiving. Chocolate in colour but coffee in taste. NO matter what, Still I LOVE IT!!! Udah dapet pesenan cukup banyak (sekitar 85 topes @250gr). Cuman masih bigung gmn nyicil buatnya agar tetep cantik. Bisa ksh tau caranya? Leleh ngga ya gulanya kl disimpen lama? let’s say 1 week?

    Gak leleh, asal toplesnya rapet, pet!! Jangan ada udara masup :). Btw, congrats on the orders!! ——–Riana

  5. hi riana, looks cute, btw kalo sugar coats nya mau berwarna, gemana cara nya… icing sugar ditetesin pewarna – diaduk2 rata gitu bisakah?

    Mmmm.., gak bisa deh kayaknya. Nanti gulanya jadi basah dunk. Gimana kalo pake gula pasir berwarna aja? Ada di toko bahan kue, di bagian sprinkles. Tapi aku belom pernah coba, jadi gak tau hasil akhirnya gimana, karena kan kuenya coklat, mungkin gak akan keliatan warnanya. Kecuali kamu bikin cookiesnya putih biasa, mungkin akan lebih keliatan warnanya. ——-Riana

  6. mbak riana..photonya cakep2 bgt si..
    ty donk. aku nyoba ni resep tadi pagi. crack-nya dapet, tp kok gulanya gelap ya? rada basah kyknya. yg putih bersih cm 1-2 biji dari 2 loyang. trus rasanya kok chewy ya di dalamnya (bukan garing, tapi jadi kyk brownies digulain)?apa belum mateng yah? oh ya, aku ganti 2 telur besarnya dgn 2 telur kecil utuh + 1 kuning telur. apa gara2 itu ya? trus aku diemin semaleman adonannya di kulkas. besok paginya, aku pulung2. adonan yang akhir2 si da lembek bgt, tapi yang awal2 mash dingin.gmn supaya gula halusnya ga basah ya? kan adonannya basah tu…(maap ya tanyanya borongan…bykan modifikasi lagi..) makasih ya mbak ri…

    Gulanya gelap? Bukan gelap kali, tapi kurang tebel ya? Masih transparan sama warna coklat kuenya? Tebelin aja πŸ™‚
    Hm, iya telurnya distandard-in aja jadi 100 gr (1 telur tanpa kulit = 50 gr). Tapi memang dia gak garing kemeletuk kok, agak chewy.
    Kamu pake resep yang sama kan? Gulanya jadi basah? Harusnya sih gak tuh, say **bingung** ———-Riana

  7. hi,

    while i looked through your picture I had to laugh πŸ˜€ because exactly the same things happened to me when I baked them for the first times.. πŸ™‚ I’m writing an essay about production and marketing of the cookies in switzerland and also about new flavours.. but the final version of your cookies look amazing! really tasty πŸ™‚ one question do you know something about the historical backgrounds of the cookies ?

    Hi Patricia, too bad i don’t know anything about the historical background of the cookies. Which is funny because it is usually the first thing I wanna know about a food. Have you tried Wikipedia? ————Riana

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