Sugarless Banana Bread & Gambang Bread Re-Visited

World Bread Day '07
Hey! You! Yes, you! Thank you! Because it’s been a year since the last World Bread Day and you’re still around! You deserve a star for loyalty and dedication to bread. Just like Zorra. Yes, Zorra is again holding the World Bread Day (update: visit the roundup here) and I excitingly wanna take part of it, because she is a wonderful person and bread is just delish to begin with. I’m not just saying this because I want to bribe her to pass this post as qualified for the event *is it so obvious?*, but because I mean it, and I think all foodbloggers must always come together to take all the world and make a new peaceful food-oriented civilization. Who’s with me???
Ok, enough.
Gambang Bread 2
I wanted to re-visit the post of Roti Gambang I made last year, because… strangely, I suddenly have this urge to promote my country. It’s weird. First of all, I never knew that I have even a slightest hint of nationalism toward my country whatsoever. Yeah, go ahead judge me! I’m just being brutally honest. I never thought I have any. Second of all, I think it’s just cool to see the words “Gambang Bread” among the list of bread names from around the world compiled by the wonderful Zorra. Hey politicians, look, we put you on the map by baking bread!
Gambang bread is an Indonesian traditional bread, made from bread scraps. Bakeries usually have lots of leftover fresh breadcrumbs, so they turned it into a delicious bread that can add to their sales. Yea, baby, we’re a pro in turning garbage into delicious food. That’s how we survived colonialism and Krakatau. This skill of turning crap into gold has made us one of the happiest nations in the world, no matter what had happened.
This is a chewy, cinnamony bread bar that looks pretty in its sesame seed dress. The homemade version recipe uses ready-made breadcrumbs you usually use for coating, because we certainly do not want to bake hundreds of bread loaves and collect the scraps. It’s very easy to make and certainly will color your afternoon happy. You know, along with a cup of hot tea and a good book in hand. It’s just the simple, yet perfect, comfort bread. Comfort bread indeed.
Gambang Bread recipe here.
Sugarless Banana Bread
Have I re-visited Gambang Bread, now onto the actual recent baking. This Sugarless Banana Bread is one of my favorites of all the breads of all time. You think your life is miserable without sugar? Well, after baking this, think again! Hell yeah, it’s sweet! It’s sweet, and fragrant, and very banana, and contains more fiber, more complex carbohydrate, and lower cholesterol… Okay, I’ll stop talking like a health-freak, and you stop throwing things on me!
One word: you must try this at home.
Ow yea, I sell this for one hundred fifty thousand rupiahs a loaf. Expensive? Think again.
Happy World Bread Day, everybody. What can we do without breads really? May Allah bless the inventor.
A Gift from The Land of Spices
Sugarless Banana Bread
Originally from Santap Magazine Cooking Show, modified by Riana
80 g raisins, soak in hot water for 2 hours, drain and set aside the soaking water (and the raisin!)
80 g cashew nuts, toasted, roughly chopped
60 ml canola/sunflower oil
50 gr butter (do not substitute)
60 ml raisin water from the soaking above
450 gr very ripe bananas (peeled)
1 egg (yes, you need only one!)
10 seedless dates (I used Tunisian dates)
150 gr wholewheat flour or grounded rolled oats
50 gr all purpose flour
4 Tbsp non fat powdered milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
How to:

  1. Preheat the oven at 180 degree centrigrade. Lightly brush a medium loaf pan with vegetable oil, or line it all over with aluminum foil.
  2. In a blender, throw in together oil, butter, raisin water, bananas, egg and dates. Process altogether until smooth.
  3. In a bowl, mix together wholewheat flour or oats, all purpose flour, powdered milk, salt and baking soda. Add raisins and chopped cashew nuts. Mix well.
  4. Pour banana batter into flour-raisin mix, stir gently until well blended.
  5. Pour all batter into loaf pan, bake for 45 to 60 minutes. Take it out of the oven, let coon on rack.


Bahasa Indonesia
Banana Bread Tanpa Gula
Majalah Santap Cooking Show, modified by Riana
80 g kismis, rendam air panas selama 2 jam, sisihkan air rendamannya
80 g kacang mete, sangrai/panggang, cincang kasar
60 ml minyak canola/bunga matahari
50 gr mentega
60 ml air rendaman kismis
450 gr pisang barangan atau pisang ambon, pilih yang tua
1 butir telur ayam
10 butir kurma tanpa biji
150 g tepung Atta (wholewheat) atau rolled oat yang diblender halus
50 g tepung terigu
4 sdm susu bubuk non fat
1/2 sdt garam
1 sdt soda kue

  1. Panaskan oven 180 derajat celcius, olesi loyang loaf ukuran sedang dengan minyak goreng tipis saja, atau lapisi seluruh permukaannya dengan aluminum foil.
  2. Blender minyak, mentega, air rendaman kismis, pisang, telur dan kurma sampai halus.
  3. Campur tepung wholewheat atau oat halus, terigu, susu bubuk, garam dan soda kue. Masukkan bahan kismis dan kacang mete ke dalam campuran tepung.
  4. Tuang blenderan pisang ke dalam campuran tepung dan kismis, aduk rata.
  5. Tuang seluruh adonan ke dalam loyang. Panggang 45 – 60 menit.
  6. Angkat, diamkan di luar oven 10 menit.



6 thoughts on “Sugarless Banana Bread & Gambang Bread Re-Visited”

  1. Thank you for participating! I will try the Banana Bread recipe for sure. The Ganbang Bread sounds very interesting too.
    I love your writing and your pics! Thank you again for being a part of WBD.

  2. Yang beneer…seratus-lima-puluh-ribu-rupiah seloyang? Wah Riana segede apa loyangnya? Loyang loaf biasa? Wihihiii…menggiurkan. Aku mau coba jualan juga ah di sini..di Kerstmarkt (christmas fair) di sekolah anak2. Kan banyak ibu2 yg juga seneng hal2 yang ‘sugarless’. Trims banget udah menginspirasi. Kayaknya aku udah mulai pede jualan kueh deh..hehe.

    Hehehe… loyang loaf sedang aja. Sepertinya mahal ya. Tapi coba deh itung biayanya, baru gak kerasa mahal πŸ™‚ —–Riana

  3. Riana, I discovered your blog via WBD and I just have to say I love the way you write, and your pictures are charming. Do you mind if i link to you from my site? I’ve made copies of both your bread recipes and since i always have assorted bread ends around, I will try the very intriguing Gambang recipe soon. I would love to take you to lunch or dinner (your About section) any time you are in Honolulu or if I ever make it back to your country (I’ve only been to Ubud before).

    Manju, I’d love to be taken to lunch πŸ™‚ ——–Riana

  4. Mba, salam kenal…Mba, aku dah nyoba banana breadnya krn aku tertarik bikinin buat ortuku yang diabet. Rasanya enak tapi koq jadinya uasin ya? asinnya itu apa krn 1/2 sdt garamnya ato tepungnya ya? oya aku pake tepung wholemeal bukan tepung wholeweat, samakah & pengaruhkah?

    Huah, bener nih masukinnya 1/2 sdt? Bukan 1/2 sdm kan? Mungkin garammu sedikit aja udah asin banget. Rasa asin garam, manis gula pasir, di Indonesia rada gak standard. Hmm, berarti lain kali, garamnya sejimpiiit aja.
    Tepung wholemeal sama dengan wholewheat. Ada yang nyebutnya wholemeal, ada yang nyebutnya wholewheat. ——–Riana

  5. Riana, aku gak jadi jualan di christmas fair..hik hik, anak2ku sakit semua jeh. Tapi cake2 itu aku bagi2in tetangga dan semua happy plus tertarik karena nggak pake gula πŸ˜‰
    Aku udah bikin berkali-kali-kali nih karena tingkat keamanannya tinggi (huihihiii…tanpa gula gituloh). Ternyata aku paling suka kalo nggak pake kismis (menurutku rasanya jadi terlalu kompleks. Rasa pisang+kurma udah mutlak bagiku..), tapi supaya manisnya pas, kurmanya aku tambahin 1-2 biji lagi. Trus kacang medenya ditabur di permukaan cake supaya tetep renyah. Hmmh…buat ngeteh sore-sore..hmhh…

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