Things That Make You Go ‘Mmmm’


When it comes to salad, I am pretty much adventurous. By that, I mean sometimes I got a plate of heaven freshy, other times a bowl of garbage. Organic garbage, though 🙂
But this one, I think you can eat. And like, actually. The secret duo are: pecel sauce and cilantro. They unsurprisingly love each other, by the way.
Pecel spice is a spice mix popular in Indonesia, that is used to make the sauce in Pecel dish — an orchestra of steamed veggies that you have to try once in your lifetime because it’s oh-so-good.
Cilantro, well, you know it’s the magic thing that brought Thailand to the glamor world of international food realm. Cilantro is one of God’s exceptional gifts to the world. World with palates like you and me. It turns simple dishes to extravaganza. Making it special, making it expensive.
Salad, gone!
The salad’s gone already, sorry. Can’t help myself.
After-Lebaran Salad
1 head of iceberg lettuce, tear into bite-sized pieces
1 red bell pepper, throw away the seeds, cut into squares
About a handful of ginseng leaves, pick each individual leaf
About a handful of cilantro, tear into bite size pieces
About 2-4 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
Pecel spice mix, dillute with some hot water to consistency you like
Arrange on a nice plate:
a bed of lettuce, then on top of it
ginseng leaves, then pour
extra virgin olive oil all over.
Mix well until the veggies are coated in shiny olive oil.
Pour the pecel sauce, then sprinkle
red bell pepper, then
cilantro on top of everything.
Mix everything before you eat. Add more pecel sauce if needed. You will add more pecel sauce.
Happy day.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Pepy says:

    Disini lebnih dikenal cilantro sbg kekhasan masakan Amerika Latin awalnya.

  2. dwiana says:

    aih saladnya bikin ngiler nih mbak. btw your sister pennsylvanianya dimana. Aku di Erie, PA

  3. arfi says:

    I love salads and I love putting diced fruits like pineapple, apple, grapes, or pear in the leafy salads. They bring good flavours of all the goodness in the raw materials. But the best of all is the good combination of dressing which makes the salad tastes fresh and delicious. Wrong dressing will give rancid flavour, I suppose. Anyway, we all love peanut dressing, especially poured over coriander and sweet chilli sauce chicken roast. YUM!

  4. eliza says:

    this pecel sauce mix really goes to a high class neighborhood of green salads, eh Riana? 😀

  5. ndoro kakung says:

    oh, ini toh blog jeng rian yang terkenal itu. topaz apa kabarnya? 😀

  6. Julie says:

    Hello Mbak Riana,
    Lovely blog. Really enjoy looking at your pics! I just moved from KL to Jakarta. Would really like to find out where I can join baking/cake decorating classes.

    Hi Julie, head off to, there are plenty of classes you can take there. See you soon! ——-Riana

  7. mila says:

    hm.. yummy.. makannya ama peyek teri nyambung ga ya? 😀

    Peyek, oooh.. my favorite. Nyambung sama semuanya. Sama spaghetti aja nyambung 🙂 ———-Riana

  8. cathy says:

    Your blog is so delicious, love the pictures

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