Update April 22, 2008: I went back to the supermarket and finally bought it. Gosh..

Today, I found my fettish.
About a week ago I was at a supermarket, when I realized I had this thundering urge to buy a set of measuring cups. It’s a cheap kind. Plastic, white, not that fancy steel or creamic in bright colors Nigella style or premium glass cup. But I felt my blood rushing wanting to grab and throw it into my trolley. A couple of seconds later, my head yanked at me, “Aren’t there already 2, sorry, 3 sets of measuring cups in your cupboard?”
She’s right.

one-eighth teaspooon
This morning, when I was looking for my black measuring cups, I checked, and yes, I have 3 sets of measuring cups and 3 sets of measuring spoons. Is this a lot? No, not really. But when you add that I had given away another set of measuring cups and spoon for a doorprize, fighting a gory battle against myself from buying every set I found in baking shops, this becomes abundant. Not to mention screaming everytime Nigella takes out her red shiny ceramic measuring cup, mocking me, torturing me like a sinner.

one-eighth cup
I didn’t realize it until today. Whoa! How weird having a fettish.. So strangely cool at the same time..
Now, you know what to give me for my birthday. *which by the way, is approaching. oh, noooooo!!!*
What is yours?

**Gosh, even now I’m still thinking about that measuring cup I left behind at the supermarket!!**


11 thoughts on “Fettish!!”

  1. I have at least five or six sets of each, including two of the ones you have in your photo! Yes, it’s an addiction!

    What I want is tablespoon and teaspoon measuring spoons sold individually. I seem to use those the most.

  2. Wow a great collection indeed!! But I can understand you perfectly I keep buying lots of things for baking and also for my job I’m always full of magazines and books from around the world and probably most part of them won’t be even usefull ..but..:-) that is!

  3. i have salt&pepper shaker collection. Maybe you should start your meas cup& spoon collection therefore an excuse for buying more, hehehe….

  4. you are not alone kikikkkkk…. aku temenin Ri…
    aku punya yg item ma yg metal cuman satu set seh masih masing, tapi yg plastikkk? gak yakin berapa jmlnya kikikkk…sekarang I’m into vintage props,gosh ! never get enough

  5. Riana, aku punya persis kayak gambar terakhir (kanan atas). Tapi warna ijo. Yg item itu keren banget, Ri. Aku maniak sama cetakan muffin yg macem2 bentuk & warna.

  6. uhm..ternyata saya nggak sendirian..
    punya rumah yang cuma 10 menit jalan kaki dari titan ternyata emang nggak sehat
    *melirik ke arah lemari penuh loyang, cetakan cookies, measuring cups & spoons*

  7. Hahahaha!!! I have the same problem…. I have the plastic ones, the metal ones and Nigellas blue ones together with spoons which I bought on offer though Amazon….but you never seem to have enough… (mind you here in Spain we use grams.. so I only need the cups to do foreign receipes!!!) anyway I like them,,,, and do not feel bad about buying more!!!! Regards. B

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