Gorgeous Things from Mumbay

from Mumbay with Love
From Vania, the muffin lady, as Eliza always refers her πŸ™‚
Beautiful indeed, it was packed with all cardamomy things: cardamom tea, cardamom incense sticks, the cardamom itself, and an addictive sweet nibble called Soan Papdi for my sweet tooth.
I never knew Soan Papdi before, so this is my first time ever. To my surprise, who at first expected it was some kind of biscuit or so, it was arum manis, a.k.a. rambut nenek! You know, the hairy cotton candy we used to nibble when we were little?
The rambut nenek was packed in squares, and.. –this is the best part– was blended with cardamom, almond and pistachio. The result was superb. I never expected cardamom can go to such extent, lifting up the sweetness into another divine level that contains your brain with such excitement and energy. Oh well, maybe that’s just the sugar.
One down Got one :)
But the flavor was seriously divine, that I couldn’t resist to take another square after another square after another. I could feel my blood sugar jumping happily along with the excitement in my head. Gosh, Vania, you’ve successfully made me happy!
Package from Mumbay
The tea was just as wonderful, I couldn’t be happier. How can I thank you, my gorgeous Muffin Lady? Gorgeous package from a gorgeous lady!

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18 thoughts on “Gorgeous Things from Mumbay”

  1. Wow I love cardamonn and that sweet looks incredibly delicious! πŸ˜€ such a great friend you have! have a good day dear!

    Yes, she is. I’m so lucky! ———Riana

  2. Woww arum manis ya?! Ga nyangka lho, kirain juga biscuit or cake…it looks so yummy, so tempting…now I’m starving!

    By the way, mba Riana aku mau nanya info nih (kalo bisa)…kalo nanti mau beli kue kering “Madeleine” dan “Nastar Keju” dimana ya bisa beli dan dapat yg bagus…aku nanti main-main di JKT sekitar 2 hari (aku ga begitu tau daerah JKT nih mba) dan tinggalnya di jln Husein Sastranegara no. 9 – Tanggerang or Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan no. 5…pls ya mba kalo bisa direkomendasikan.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jacinta – Honolulu

    Hi, Jacinta
    Nastar keju, banyak di toko-toko kue besar. Madeleine yang agak susah, harus special order tuh ke homebaker. Teriak aja ke milis NCC, pasti banyak yang mau dipesenin deh. ———Riana

  3. ooh…cardamom! rambut nenek pake cardamom dan pistachio? cuma dari india tuh ya Ri? gimana ketemu Vania, seru gak?

    Iya, Liz. Enyaaaak!! Soalnya ada aroma butternya juga, pake ghee dia.
    Eh, eh,… ternyata si muffin lady itu cantik loh πŸ˜‰

  4. Salaam Mbak Riana. I love your site! It’s so cool. Just stopping by to say hello and hope to read more. Do stop by at my site, though it’s still newly constructed!

  5. Sumpah! Arum manis a la Mumbaynya tempting banget! It’s hard to tell how crazy i am about rambut nenek, no matter how old i am now. Ga bisa bayangin deh, enaknya rambut nenek bercampur sama pistachio, cardamom, sama….almond! U gotta kidding me… It’s must be a treats to die for.

    at least, just wanna say, you’re the luckiest lady in the world to have try for this…

    MupengMode On.

    I am.
    God, I am..

  6. Sis Riana, just to share my pride n joy…I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.. πŸ™‚

    Hey, congratulation! May God bless him with everything that’s good and pure.. amin.. ——-Riana

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  8. Hai Riana, aku sering mampir di blog ini, barusan aku nemu juga kue ini (indian sweets) enak memang, rasa kapulaga dan pistachionya itu lho uenak… kok kaya berasa ada jahenya juga ya ?
    aku link di blog aku yaa thanks

  9. Mba Riana, aku tergoda dan memesannya hi.hi.. bawaan bayi kali ya (aku lagi hamil muda nih )padahal ngidam yang sekarang ini ngga mood banget ama makanan. Mungkin gaya promosi mba Riana yg top abis deh.. jadi tergoda hi.hi..sukses ya..

  10. Assalamualaikum

    saya nak bertanya, anda tahu di mana boleh dapatkan resipe utk buat kuih rambut nenek?
    Terima Kasih dr Malaysia..

    I’m affraid I don’t 😦 ———Riana

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