I Love You That Much, Too

awardGosh, it’s been too long I haven’t been posting anything here. I never stop baking –like I could do that!!–, but just was too unorganized to post, that’s all.

I received this I Love You This Much award from Eliza, and I was, …well, …touched. **don’t laugh, Liz**

I really really appreciate every single expression of love conveyed to me and feel so lucky to have received it. There are people who don’t get enough love, unable to love, so when love comes your way, embrace it and count your bless. You’re one of few luckiest people in the world.

Thank you, Liz. I never knew you before if not from this food blogging thing we do. Through time you let me get to know the kindhearted person you are. We had fun, and I just hope this will never end between us. Thank you for the award, and for the love. I love you that much, too. **again, don’t laugh, Liz**


I‘ll tag one person:
Nadrah. Because I love her this much.


2 thoughts on “I Love You That Much, Too”

  1. Yay! Mbak Riana is back. And am the first to put a comment! Woohoo! Btw, thanks for visiting my virtual home again. What a pleasant surprise. ;). Makasih ya Mbak tipnya tentang nulis di chocholate plaquenya.. tuh,.. ada fotonya di blog saya!

    I think I am starting to love ya that much too… hugs buat mbak Riana..;)

  2. ditinggal 3 minggu, baru satu nih post-nya? where have you been? 😉

    I’ve been around. Around Jakarta aja maksudnya, hahaha.. ————-Riana

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