Wrongly Done, Dangerously Good

Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight
someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight
Somewhere out there, someone’s saying a prayer
then we’ll find one another in that big somewhere out there..

I’m in my quest to find the best Bangket recipe. Bangket cookie is an Indonesian traditional cookies made of sago flour as the main ingredient, giving it a literally melt-in-your-mouth effect as sago tends to dissolve quickly into any liquid. My favorite is Bangket Jahe or Ginger Bangket. Totally different from any ginger cookies you know. This, is my ultimate ginger cookie.
I never made it myself before, always bought it from the supermarket. Hey, don’t judge me, of course I’ve tried baking it myself. Many times. And I failed, many times. Or should I say, the recipes failed me. Then I tried again with another recipe. Then it failed me again. And another recipe, and another recipe, and another recipe. Failed, failed, failed. One day, I finally gave up. And decided it might be that one thing — one favorite thing — that I am not destined to bake. That was meant to be bought forever. Forget homemade. Buy.
I almost accepted it. Almost.
It was one afternoon right before Ramadhan (why, why is “afternoon” always the keyword?) when it started to haunt me again. I gotta find it. The right recipe, ultimately the best one, God forgive my greed. So I began my journey again, just like what I did with Japanese Cheesecake. Ah, I still remember those days of bleedingly searching for the right recipe. I got the best one, finally, and all the pain paid off.
In the photo above were my first two, in this second round of my quest. Ginger Bangket and Lime Bangket. I did a very elementary mistake I was so embarrassed to admit here, oh! Do I have to? Here’s the case: I mixed up sago flour with tapioca flour. Oh! In my defense, the packaging was similar. But I’m a melancholic, I was supposed to be the first one who noticed that! No excuse for me.
*.. a-ha! This is the good part..*
Although wrongly done, they were dangerously good. Gosh, they were. How did I know, you asked? Because I found myself gnawing them unstoppably, day after day, everytime after dinner, often times at midnight hour! Me, a health-conscious food-combiner freak!
Dangerous, indeed. Especially the Lime Bangket or Bangket Jeruk Nipis. Can you imagine it without actually taste it? No. You have to try it yourself. The flavor was so authentic, so unique. I never knew a cookie can be this exotic.
Ooh, almost forgot, the recipes are from Nonon’s recipe cupboard here (added ginger powder and cinnamon) and here. No recipe from me though, ‘coz I’m not through with the search. I will redeem my mistake the right way, perfect the recipe if it turned out good, or head off to yet another recipe if it was not. And I never stop until I find it.
I know you’re there somewhere,
waiting for me.

Then we’ll be together
somewhere out there,
out where dreams come true..

.: Somewhere Out There – Soundtrack of “An American Tail” :.


7 thoughts on “Wrongly Done, Dangerously Good”

  1. Mbak Ri, kangen banget ama postingannya niy.
    Mbak, di deket kampungku di Sulawesi sono, ada kue kering sagu gini, namanya bagea. Selalu dicetak bentuk daun dan agak tebel,khas banget. Rasanya mungkin mirip bangket jahe gitu.
    Ntar kalo aku lagi balik, trus dapet kiriman bagea ini, ntar ta kirimin ke Mbak deh. Biasanya dikirimin buanyak bgt, sekaleng ‘kong guan’ persegi itu.
    Selamat menikmati bulan Ramadhan Mbak.

  2. Can you translate this recipe?

    I can, but this is not the ultimate Bangket recipe in my opinion. Bear with me until I find it, will you? ——–Riana

  3. Mba Riana…. tepung sago bukannya sama dengan tapioca flour ya?

    Mirip, tapi gak sama. Tepung sagu dibuat dari kulit pohon sagu. Tapioka dari singkong. —————Riana

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