In The Oven Lately

Just Intensed
It’s been so long since I left this kitchen empty. The classic dilemma naturally surfaced when a passion becomes a job had gotten over me and I gave in. When your hobby turns into what you do for a living, better watch out for some changes that might make you lose your freestyle touch. The “it” factor that had made you shine in the first place. That independent soaring bird inside you who might not be the same anymore. Basically you’ll lose huge amount of your time, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.
So.. what is up?
PennyLane Kitchen on  The Pastry Channel
First of all, the donut brownie tower I posted a couple of months ago was featured by The Pastry Channel, a new foodie website to feature great desserts by Tim Fonseca, the Executive Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. I sure hope to see some videos by the chef soon in the future.

Pastry and Baking Asia Pacific magazine is now in digital format, shaping up its website to make it more enjoyable to the reader. Still, I would suggest you read the actual magazine, though. ‘Coz my article is not there πŸ™‚
And the Rest is History..
The annual jakarta food expo just ended a couple of weeks ago, and I had a blast. The tendency was changed from last year where mostly everything was about mass production, now almost every booth boasted more premium products in opposite to the cheaper solution that sacrifices quality. You got to taste oh so many product samples, including the wholewheat pastry produced by Corman, which immediately became my favorite. I mean, who on earth could ever think that wholewheat pastry can be that good?!
What else..?
Moment of Truth
In a not so fortunate event, I had a surreal opportunity to try a very very nice cafe in Kemang area, on Kemang Raya street to be precise, called Les Classiques. The ambience was Europe in late 40’s to 50’s, the cafe swept me of my feet with its homemade ‘just like mama used to make’ baked goods and… its hot chocolate! Man, you have to try this before you die. The chocolate was not coming out of chocolate powder or chocolate bar, it came from a few generous spoons of classic rich french ganache. the ganache was sitting in the bottom of a tall glass of hot milk, waiting for you to spoon it and lick it with your craving tongue. Beautiful.
Love At Work I Love You
One, Two, Three Chocolate Crown
How Could One Ask for More? Butterfly in my Stomach
We're Here For You One Spoon Had It All
Gone One Bite
The Perfect Pie Look at Me One Bite is All I Need
Lindsay? Butter that Flies Heaven
Pretty Top
Anything else..?
Well, I just came back home from Surabaya last week where I was lucky to have a chance to visit Arvian, a renowned baking shop where NCC classes were held for 4 days. A shop with an attitude, I fell in love in a matter of seconds. Nadrah and I were too busy browsing the pretty patterned tissue rolls we couldn’t care less to take pictures of the shop *regrets*. Aaargh, I should’ve taken at least a shot of those colorful mini baskets on the floor!!
Enough about me. How have you been?


7 thoughts on “In The Oven Lately”

  1. mbak ri..
    apa kabarnya dirimuuuu?
    sudah ganti kamera kaah? ;D

    Hahaha.. udaaaaaaaaaaaaah……….. Dirimu apa kabaaaar??? ————Riana

  2. Maaf banget,
    tp apakah sarung tangan koki itu berbeda dengan sarung tangan karet pada umumnya? Pada bagian ibu jari, apakah memang tidak tertutup?

    Hahaha… never thought of that until you asked πŸ™‚ ———–Riana

  3. never mind.. udah dpt flickr hehehe..
    bagus deh kameranya!! lbh sering pake feature apa?
    yg Av atau A-DEP?

    Sekalian M, atau sekalian P, hehehe… ——-Riana

  4. Your blog is wonderful–the foods look so inviting. Beautiful recipes!

    Your photos are stunning and exceptional; do you take them all yourself?


    Thank you, Jane, I came by your blog and it was awesome. Yes, I take all the photos myself. Thanks again ————Riana

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