A Perfect Souvenir

My Moment of Truth

In flat-broke time like this, I never knew how I managed to go on a vacation and had a great time on impossible budget. But I did. I sure had a blast, God forgive me.

Poppiah. Poppiah is definitely my food. Poppiah is the first food I was looking for the minute I arrived and settled all my bags and belongings at the house. Off to poppiah’s stall!! Ow.. yea baby…

I was never good in Singlish, if not terrible. So, often times, the locals couldn’t understand my english and I couldn’t understand their Singlish. And it always took some time before we realized, hey, we could talk in Malay, duh!

So, when I was ordering this poppiah, my face beaming with happiness, I couldn’t help myself to chat with the seller. Yes, I was that happy. Easy to tell that it ended up with confusion on both sides.
So I was like, “oh, here we go again, the singlish curse!” But I was that high I couldn’t care less about such thing.

When I started taking pictures of the man in action, the lady beside him immediately waved her hands gesturing a disagreement. I apologized right away, but one picture was done.

I’m sorry, uncle and auntie. But I love you.

Kaya Toast in the Making

Kaya toast. I know kaya toast is a very simple nibble anyone could make. I know it might be only a hype. I don’t care, I love kaya toast. My niece Anya loved it, my sister loved it, my brother in law loved it. Everytime I appeared from nowhere, holding a small paper bag containing kaya toasts, they fought like a bunch of hyenas to get the first bite. Of course, Anya always won.

The Toast

Kaya toasts at Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Toast Box were just as delicious as each other. Even the unbranded one at Glutton Bay was very good. Or it’s just me who’s crazy. When I went home, a jar of Ya Kun Kaya jam was safely packed in my travel bag. Happy day.

Who's Next?

Dinner @ Glutton Bay

Carrot cake. Ha-ha. I love the fact that we southeast-asians have our own version of carrot cake. It was a mixture of rice flour and white radish that was steamed and then fried with or without eggs. It was good.

Guilty Pleasure

7-11 nibbles. I really regret I didn’t buy the Ferrero Rondnoir for Mita, my sweet-tooth best friend. I looked for it here, couldn’t find any. Only God knows when it will be available here. Damn, I wished I brought some home.

I took the left and right photo at Seven Eleven, where they sold one banana for 1 Singapore dollar. My sister said she could by a whole bunch of bananas for that price in Indonesia before I yelled to her, “Stop converting values in your head!”

Main Course

The Best Coffee in the World

Afternoon SnackKilliney Kopitiam. Here, I tasted the best coffee in the world. Just simply order, “One coffee, please,” they will serve you with the most pleasurable thing for your tastebud since chocolate. It was buttery, not too sweet, not too creamy. Just perfect. And I’m not a coffee person. Die die must try.

While the gank was having coffee as the ultimate closing to the wonderful meal, I walked to Takashimaya food village to buy a jar of kaya jam at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. That’s all I need to bring back home. I would’ve brought the coffee too if I could.

Spoon Down

Kaya Toast

4 slices of white bread (I used wholewheat toast)
Unsalted butter, cold
Kaya jam


  1. Cut the crust off the bread if you want to. I didn’t.
  2. Toast the bread with a little butter until nicely brown at some spot. The degree of doneness is totally up to your fancy.
  3. While hot, spread kaya jam on two slices of toasts. Slice the unsalted butter, put it between the hot toast. Press a little to make sure they join well together. Do the same to the other two slices.
  4. Happy day.

Beautiful Morning

Happy day, indeed.

Spoon Up


15 thoughts on “A Perfect Souvenir”

  1. cakep2 fotonya…gak nyesel beli kamera baru. pasti enak jalan2 lagi nenteng kamera sekarang 🙂

    hehehe… gak pinter-pinter makenya, Liz… ————–Riana

  2. foto2nya bikin ngilerrr hehehe..
    beli lensa tambahan yg 50mm atau msh pake lensa standard?

    Foto-foto di Singapore pake lensa kit (standard), yang di rumah pake 50 mm edisi murah meriah, hahaha.. bukan yang bagus kayak punya Arfi.. ———Riana

  3. tuh, tuh… akhirnya muncul jg lambang copyright nya, horreee…!

    Hahaha, itu sebenernya gak keluar. Akhirnya pake character map kayak disaranin Ina Larizz. Thank you yaaaa.. ——-Riana

  4. oh ya? ada yg murmer? berapaan & merk apa?
    terakhir aku cek di pacific place yg canon 50 mm f1.8 itu harganya 900 ribuan brp gitu, kalo di JPC lagi abis.
    aaahh.. biarpun lensa murmer hasilnya t-o-p b-g-t! 😀

    Iya bener yang 900 ribu itu, canon 50 mm f1.8. Polos, no added technology, hahaha.. Keliatan kan bokehnya kasar. ————Riana

  5. mbak Riana, lambang copyright nya bikin pake software apa?? kerenn…

    Nulis biasa pake photoshop. Cuma ngopinya pake character map, klik di tombol start >> programs >> accessories >> system tools >> character map

  6. nah terus 50mm f1.8 yg bagus merk apa? sigma, tamron?

    *sigh* kalo mau bokeh yg lebih bagus lagi yg f1.4, tapi mahal 😦
    Canon tetep, hehehe..

    Sebenernya gak mahal, around 3 jutaan. Tapi memang aku budgetnya lagi ada untuk yang murmer, jadi belinya yang itu 🙂 ———Riana

  7. Riana, ferrero rondnoir disini deket rumah gue lagi on sale. Sekotak isi 12 biji AUS$2.95. Tertarik?

    Jiaks! Kirim, kirim! ————-Riana

  8. Hallo Riana….

    Thanks for sharing ya. GBU, you are a very kind and sweet friend.

    Hi Ayu, thank you for your sweet words. You’re too kind yourself *hug* ————Riana

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