Some fruits, perhaps, are not meant to be eaten, no matter how good they are. How can you chew a fruit whose flesh refuses to be separated from its pit whatsoever ? Tell me. Then tell me about Menteng, fruits from my childhood time. It is dominantly sour. It is also sweet, succulent, but will fight you back when you try to rip off its flesh just to get a teeny tiny bit of those juicy cheeks.
Tell me about Menteng.


9 thoughts on “Menteng”

  1. Ini disebut juga Langsep ya, Ri? Mirip duku tapi asem dan kulitnya tipis? Isinya kadang putih, kadang pink? Walaupun nggak enak, tapi waktu kecil aku seneng juga makan langsep (kalau bener sama dengan Menteng), sambil nyengir nyengir keaseman.. πŸ™‚

    Iya bener, Hanna. Sama persis. Jadi nama lainnya langsep ya πŸ™‚ ———–Riana

  2. Could someone please give a botanical name to this fruit? I have seen and tasted this fruit when travelling in parts of Malaysia. Cheers.

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