Roses On My Kitchen Table

Buttercream Rose and Wafer Cone
One afternoon in my kitchen, working on my buttercream roses skill.
**what is it with me and afternoons?**
I remember the first time I took cake decorating class. The class was taught by my baking guru, Fatmah Bahalwan, back in 2004. She instructed the class to start working on the roses, and I didn’t do so. When she inspected the class and found me doing nothing but staring at the flower nail with frowns on my rebellion face, she asked, “Riana, where are your roses?” I said, rebelliously, “I didn’t make any. I don’t like roses.” Since then, she acclaimed me as the baddest student she ever had. I love you, mbak Fat😀
Until one day in the beginning of 2008, I was forced by the obligation to teach 1-day cake decorating class. I had nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. I had to face my fear. Buttercream roses.
I‘m glad I made it in one piece, and keep my sanity. **well, okay, not all of it**
Buttercream Roses
If you’re looking for instruction to make buttercream roses, there are several options you can choose:

  • Buy our book.
  • Look over here or here. Here is a lady who did it very fast! Mine were so much easier using wafer cone instead of buttercream center.
  • Buy our book again.

6 thoughts on “Roses On My Kitchen Table”

  1. kelopak bunganya bagus banget, terbentuk dengan sempurna. Boleh minta resep buttercream untuk buat bunga ini mbak.. pernah makan bunga begini, rasanya susu banget dan ndak melekat dilangit langit, rasanya kaya whiping. Tapi kalo pas buat sendiri, … malah luber ndak bisa dibentuk bunga….
    So kalo mau bentuk bunga pake resep yg bukan andalan….basic banget….he he he
    ok makasih ya mbak sebelumnya

    Bisa pake resep buttercream yang pake krim esela dan merry whip, lalu mentega putihnya pake yang import dari Australia supaya gak ngendal. Di TBK, bilang aja minta bahan buttercream 1 resep. Biasanya dikasih esela krim, merry whip, mentega putih, sama gula jelly dengan perbandingan 1:1:1:1. Dikocok semua hingga lembut.
    Alternatif kedua, pake aja resep buttercream hollman, tapi ngocoknya jangan terlalu lama supaya lebih kaku.

  2. buat bunga mawar yg pake pin itu adalah sesuatu yg menyebaaallkaan sekaliii hiks ;( aku belum sukses bikinnya. emang lebih enak pake yg cone.

    embyeeer.. ———-Riana

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