A Touch of Spice

This is an old post from my personal blog. Lame attempt to fill in the gap of not blogging *sigh*.
“Pepper… is hot and scorches, just like the sun.
Salt… is used as needed to spice up one’s life.
Cinnamon… is bitter and sweet, just like a woman.”

Oh, what a wonderful movie!
I blessed the day I found this Greek movie. Not only for my sole purpose of paying the most respect to the profession of gastronome, but in this case, it goes a long way to respecting life, dedication, art, culture, passion, love, faith, fun, sadness, pain, happiness, enjoyment of all things human beings are blessed with. Spices are all we need. Just a touch of them.
Very very artistic pictures, beautiful music, witty screenwriting, tingling lines. Just the perfect blend.
“Don’t look back, Saime. At the platform we looked back, the image remains as a promise..”
Me, sobbing painfully. Absorbing all the experience to the point where the blow of tears was inevitably destined to be. Don’t look back. The image remains as a promise.
Funny that I happened to be a great fan of Greek cuisine. Oh, how I miss Kafe Acropolis I used to visit often at Mal Ambasador!
Take me to a Greek resto, I will forever be your slave.
By the by, if you chew nothing else other than English speaking movie, you’ll probably throw up on this. For me, it’s simply a refreshment from the Hollywood junk.


5 thoughts on “A Touch of Spice”

  1. pengen nonton euy.. tapi dimana nyarinya? ngga ngerti bahasa nya juga mba.. include teks english ngga ya..

    cari di toko DVD, ke. iya ada teks englishnya kok πŸ™‚ —–Riana

  2. pengen nonton.. emg msh ada ya di toko DVD mba? tar aq coba cari deh.. thanks for info. aq slalu sempetin waktu buka blog mba riana dikantor, amazed of those very nice photos, great story and recipes, not to mention the tips. and I love watching movies, also love baking & cooking. blog mba riana ni pas bgt buat aq. kalo bukan krn mba riana, dirumahku ga bakal ada DVD Julie & Julia, yg skr lg kliling dipinjem tetangga, soalnya aq blg ini wajib ditonton, hehe… ditunggu info2 film kuliner laennya πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Riana, some time ago, I ate something in Manado and I’m soooo much longing to find out the name and recipe for it. It looked like a brown muffin cooked in a little banana leaf cup. But the texture was different than a muffin, I think it was more like a bread dough using yeast. Does it ring a bell? I wonder if it’s something traditional or just the creation of the hotel cook. I’d be grateful if you know what it is and share the recipe.
    Thanks for your help.

    I think you’re talking about Apang Coe. Do google the word Apang Coe, you’ll come up with plenty of recipes you can try. I never tried to make one, now you got me thinking πŸ™‚ Apang Coe is a Manado traditional snack. I figured making the takir (the pandan leaf cup) could be quite challenging, though exciting at the same time. ———-Riana

  4. kayaknya pernah nonton deh, tapi yang maen si aiswarya rai, biatang pilem india sama orang bule tapi lupa namanya. sama ga sih film nya? *sambil nginget2, sama ga yah?*

    Aaaah, itu judulnya Mistress of Spice! Aiswarya Rai main sama Dylan Mc Dermott kan? ———————-Riana

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