A Citrusy Idul Fitri

In the Pot
Rain, rain everyday. Been like 5 days in a row now. How amazing that in the end of this Ramadhan, when I thought I wouldn’t be interested in doing anything other than listening to the sound of the pouring water, I ended up with these beautiful things. Two jars, one filled with candied lemon peel, another one with lemon jelly. All homemade. Easy breezy to make, I didn’t even realize making it.
In the Jars
Funny thing, I’m actually in the middle of writing a post about how taking food photos is now no longer fun for me anymore. How I miss my old times doing simple personal food photo session and how I might not be able to do it anymore for the next, what, 4 books? Yet, here I am. Doing just what I fear the most I wouldn’t be able to do. Isn’t human’s mind a mystery? *now the writing can wait*
Back to the citrus. I always have at least a big bag of lemons in my fridge. I have a glass of lemon water every morning, it constantly breaks my heart to throw away peel after peel after peel, every morning. So, one cloudy day, I started collecting them up in a container. I had no clue as to when I would have the time and energy to make something out of it. Today turned out to be one of those days of rarity. When there is no planning, no thinking. Happy day.
Out of the Jars
Candied Lemon Peel
lemon peel, cut into thin stripes
sugar, about the same amount as the water
1 vanilla pod, scrape the bean out

  1. Boil lemon peel with water a couple of minutes until tender. Add sugar and vanilla bean and pod, cook until the the liquid thickens, the sugar turns into golden caramel and the lemon peel becomes translucent, well, -ish.
  2. While still hot, separate lemon peel from the liquid. Because of the pectin, this liquid will turn into lemon jelly when cooled. Put the lemon peel in a jar and pour the liquid into another jar. Closed the lid tightly.


  • Add sugar after the peel becomes tender. If you cook them together from the very beginning, the outer rim will harden and cannot be chewed without your eyes popping. Imagine that.
  • You can omit the vanilla pod, of course. Mine is organic grade A, bought it from Pak Agus at Villa Domba. It’s wonderful.
  • Be careful when transferring the peel or pour the liquid into jars, mind you. Sugar is hundreds of times hotter than water it will burn your skin in a matter of seconds. Be very careful.
  • The candied lemon peel is great for any filling *I’m thinking fruitcake*, even for a snack. The jelly is wonderful over toasts and pancakes. And when they are put together, it’s a joyful surprise for your hot tea. I tried it and wouldn’t want my lemon tea any other way!

Candied Lemon Peel
Once again I apologize, for everything.
Have a citrusy Idul Fitri.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chennette says:

    Eid Mubarak!

    Thank you, Chennette. To you, too! ——–Riana

  2. Tata says:

    Wow! Never thingking of making snack from lemon peel. They look gorgeous, Riana. What a truly happy citrusy Idul Fitri 🙂

    Thank you, Tata. It is best with hot tea, replace the sugar with this. Lovely! ——–riana

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