Finally, Real Faces :)

Special Food Photography Class for the Mudikers :)
Clockwise: Uchiet, Iin, Widya, Dina, Riana
Photo courtesy of Iin Sidharta

Human faces! How rare!

Taken from Food Photography Class last Saturday, a special additional class for the “mudikers” whom only stayed very shortly in Jakarta for Idul Fitri. Unscheduled beforehand, we had fun capturing all the nibbles on pretty props I brought to the class. Apparently no one remembered taking photos until some friends came by right after the class was finished. So in a very rare moment, we finally captured our faces. I think this is the only time we took class photo, in terms of FP class.


Wonderful afternoon with wonderful people. And I miss you all already.

An afternoon at Toko Jojo Bintaro
Special additional Food Photography Class for the “mudikers”
Natural Cooking Club


3 thoughts on “Finally, Real Faces :)”

  1. Hi Riana, I’ve been coming to your blog every now and then for the past 2 months, you have a great one, simple with great colorful pictures and great recipes. I just started learning to bake two months ago and found your blog really helpful and full of needed knowledge. Been trying your recipes, some succeeded some still need loads of practice. Besides the help from family and friends, I got you to thank for. Well, keep on posting, I’ll follow two steps behind you :p

    Wow, you just made me a happy woman πŸ™‚ Thank you, you’re too kind *hug* ————Riana

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