Nasi Ayam Melaka

Nasi Ayam Melaka

I was in Melaka last week, backpacking alone. I got hungry, so I sat down at the nearest stall and ordered. This Nasi Ayam –Chicken Rice Balls– was one of the wonderful things of Melaka. It rounded up my one-day journey there: blissful.

Nasi Ayam Melaka is actually very similar, if not the same, with Nasi Ayam Hainan —Hainan Chicken Rice— of China. The difference was that the chicken was roasted and the rice was shaped into balls. But the gingery fragrance, the serving style: one plate of rice and chicken, one bowl of gingery chicken broth, were no question similar. So I guess this is another peranakan thing, Chinese culture and lifestyle that was adopted by Malays and later on modified to their own local culture producing a new way that is fusion and even richer than before.

So, there I was. An anonymous by-passer, with my predictable big backpack and camera, stranded in a land I never stepped my foot onto. Having a wonderful late lunch of my life. Nasi Ayam Melaka. Blissful.


6 thoughts on “Nasi Ayam Melaka”

  1. Hi Riana, tried to mail you… but the mail bounced back. I am working on a series on food bloggers titled Foodbytes on (the online chapter of Femina, a leading women’s magazine in India) and would like to feature you, your blog, your life, along with a favorite recipe. You can read some of the other bloggers featured – go to and click the Food section. If you think you’d be interested, do drop me a line. thanks, Rajani

    Rajani, have emailed you, please check 🙂 ————Riana

  2. mbak riana, ini fotonya pake available light aja kah?

    iya, Lely, ini available light di restoran di Stasiun Bus Melaka. Aku bahkan gak beranjak dari kursi. *fotografer pemalas* ———Riana

  3. Hi…salam kenal ya. Udh lama suka ngintip blog ini dan jatuh cinta dgn smua postingnya plus foto2 yg menggiurkan. Jgn lama2 absen nulisnya ya…hehehehe. Cheers ..

    Hehehe iya nih blognya udah gak kepegang. Terimakasih sudah mampir, diusahakan segera update… *hug* —–Riana

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