Interesting Questions

Got featured by Femina India Online, so cool. The reporter, Rajani Mani of “Eat Write Think“, she threw very interesting questions like:

  • Your favourite cooking smells?
  • 5 ingredients you just need to have?
  • Other than the knife, name one kitchen tool that you can’t do without?

They are that interesting, try answering them yourself and see if you ever could reach fixed answers. I couldn’t.
Although she misspelled my name as Rianna, maybe confused with Rihanna :), it was a wonderful article because I got to share my childhood story of where it all began. And, and.. I got to mention Kerupuk, as the one food I simply can’t live without! 😀
Thank you, Rajani. You’re pretty.


5 thoughts on “Interesting Questions”

  1. Congrats! You are an excellent baker. Riana skg based nya di Jakarta?

    Gak pernah kemana-mana, Nancy 🙂 —————-Riana

  2. Your blog about food is nice, but how could you possibly say your own country is retarded in your ‘About Me’ page? It is absolutely lovely. I’m British, and I’ve lived in Indonesia for 4 years. If only you could think more positively and be proud of your own nation, maybe you’ll learn to enjoy the amazing foods of Indonesia, if you love food so much. I’ve been to dozens of countries and Indonesia stays one of my favourites. Please be more positive, but good luck on your journey in the culinary world :).

    I know, it’s the cynical me. I love this “retarded” country, no question about it. I did mention about us having the most delicious food in the world, right? 🙂 Thank you for coming by! ———Riana

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