Sneak Peek

Three Desserts
To masquerade my lack of food blogging lately, let me share some sneak preview from the upcoming recipe book by Fatmah Bahalwan and NCC Team that I happened to be the photographer of. It is the last instalment of the recipe book series of 60 Foolproof Recipes: Dessert and Drinks.

As with the last book, I worked with two of my colleagues, Citra and Nadrah, to help me with the styling. And it was one of the smartest decisions I made in life, beside quitting office work and getting myself a good handblender stick :).
Strawberry Sorbet
We wrapped up the whole thing in 3 all-day photo session. Not bad at all. And I tried not to be too ambitious this time, but they were! So, yes, 3 days only :D.

The sorting and editing process, I took my time with it. Unlike the 3 previous books, this time I slowed down my rhythm ‘coz it started to literally take my sanity away. So I happily finished everything in like 1 whole week, instead of the usual ambitious 3 days, then sent all 5 DVDs –the photos were all in TIFF format, around 50Mb each, what do you expect?– to our editor.

Enjoy a few photos here. I hope you’ll buy the book πŸ™‚

Love, Riana
Natural Flavored Simple Syrup
Food styling by Citra Anggraini Kusuma & Nadrah Shahab


One thought on “Sneak Peek”

  1. I feel so blue too 😦
    nunggu bukunya keluar ah, can’t wait πŸ˜€

    Bukunya udah keluar, Sofi. “60 Resep Anti Gagal: Minuman & Dessert” by Fatmah Bahalwan & Tim NCC. Penerbit Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Happy hunting! πŸ™‚ —–Riana

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