Coming Up this July!

Video by Pinot

Ooh, yeah! I can’t wait to announce this!

Ok, here we go. Once upon a time, 4 female foodbloggers, met online and got to know each other via blogs and emails. Two of them live in Kuwait, one lives in New Zealand, one in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were bonded by two things they’re really passionate about: food and photography. One sunny day, they decided to write a book about the two: food photography. They worked on it for about 8 months, and now the book is on its way to the bookstores in Indonesia!

They call themselves EmpatRana, which translates as Four Shutters. They are Arfi Binsted, Dita Ichwandardi, Irra Fachriyanthi and me, Riana Ambarsari πŸ™‚

Here how the cover will look like:

Food Photography Made Easy

Here, we talk about food photography in simple, easy to understand terms, the way we learnt it in the first place. We reveal our humble home studios, which are basically a table, a source of light, some help from reflector and props, and more little help from our children :).

The book is projected to be available at bookstores in Indonesia this July 13rd, 2011 at the latest. So stay alert, you will wanna have this, trust me!


11 thoughts on “Coming Up this July!”

  1. Congratulation on the upcoming book! *haduh, iri deh mbak, bisa nerbitin buku tentang hal yang memang kita cintai*

    Salam kenal ya mbak, baru join lihat-lihat blog-nya nih, keren buangeeet!


    Dindaaa, thank you for mampir ya *hug* ———Riana

  2. This book looks amazing, and I’m so excited to see it. If you would ever like to do a guest post on our blog we’d love to feature some tips as well as tell the world about your book!

    Jennifer, I’d love to! I’ll come up with the writing and let you know. Thank you so much! ————-Riana

  3. Wuiihhh … mantappp!!! Congratulations yah!!

    Terus berkarya yah …

    Women bloggers rock! =)

    thank you, Leonny *hug*
    Yes, we can take the whole world πŸ™‚

  4. waaah hebattt!! udah lama gak ngintip ternyata udah nerbitin buku, moga2 bukunya masih ada di Gramedia, can’t wait to get my hands on it ;D

  5. mbak riana, aku gak sengaja nemu blog mbak, ya ammpuunn..jadi jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama lhooooh. Udah blog-nya cantik, mbak-nya juga cantik jadi cantik semuamuanya hihihi..salam kenal ya mbak. Btw, ini buku-nya gak di jual lewat blog ini aja ta? soalnya jauuuh banget mbak kalo musti ke Gramed, aku nie dipedalaman soalnya. Okey mbak?? bisa yaa..yaa…yaa.?? *kedip2*

    Aku kedip2 juga ah, hihihi.. Kamu pesen online aja, lebih mudah. Bisa di,, atau ke Gramedia online juga ada. Terimakasih yaaaaa, semoga bermanfaat! *hug* ———–Riana

  6. hai… salam kenal mba riana… ak ga sengaja nemu blognya pas lg nyari2 resep vla buat sus yg ak bikin… whuaahh seruu bgt blogx…. izin copas resep2nya yaahh….

    Terimakasih, Aksari. Sila dicontek resep-resepnya πŸ™‚ ————–Riana

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