From Bangkok With Love

In my confusion of whether or not Blogsome is ending its service (so I double-posted this to my old Blogsome blog), I found myself sitting by my kitchen table one afternoon. Tea with honey. And some sweet nibbles. I remembered wanting to post this but something always got in the way. Like my procrastination habit, that is.

Kenny, a senior writer of Lifestyle+Travel magazine in Bangkok, emailed me one day. He was compiling food blogs for an article in their food-inspired issue and wanted to mention this blog and used some photos. An over-excited me, agreed in a split second :D.

Lifestyle+Travel magazine is an English-language travel magazine distributed mainly in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia and Cambodia, with media representatives spreading in Vietnam, Japan, the Middle East and Australia.

The article went into the November-December 2011 issue which you can browse on its website here: It has a flipable e-magazine you can flip like you do hard copy. So very cool. Turn to page 36-37, and there the excerpt of myFemale Coffee, Wedang Ronde and Baklava. Or you can use the easy tabs on the side of the magazine, click on “The Buzz” and start browsing on “Blog A Petite” story. For those of you facebookers, their Facebook page is on


The wonder of internet realm never ceases to amaze me. I’m humbled by its limitlessness and feel so blessed. Thank you, Kenny. It looks gorgeous :).

Happy Monday to you all. I hope Blogsome is postponing the closing forever.



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