Kecipir and Rebon for Mountain Climbing!

Kecipir and Rebon Stir Fry

Just a simple update on my contribution for UMU Magz #3, a mountain climbing e-magazine. Having said goodbye to personal projects and ultimately made peace with it, hopefully have stopped being in denial trying to convince myself that one day, one fine day, one good bright sunny day, I would go back to those good old times, I happily share one of my favorite simple dish invented back in those days.

For you mountain climber, ultra light packing is definitely essential. Kecipir or winged bean is one of the wisest choices when it comes to picking light ingredients. It has minimum amount of water so it is very lightweight, as it is with rebon. Rebon is dried small shrimp. And when I said small, I mean veeery small! It acts not only as a punching seasoning, but also the source of protein during your climbing. Small space in your carrier, big impact on your palate.

The recipe I wrote for UMU Magz is in bahasa, so here I trouble you with the english one, like you can easily find winged bean and rebon in english speaking countries. This is a very simple recipe, sure you can throw in any additions you like. Be it mushrooms, chillies, tofu, tempe, pretty much anything. But if you don’t have much in your logistic, this only, with hot steamed rice, is delicious to the top of Mahameru!

Kecipir (Winged Bean) and Rebon Stir Fry

A handful of kecipir (winged bean), wash, cut aslant
5 garlic cloves, bruised or thinly sliced
2-3 Tbsp rebon (dried small shrimp)
3 Tbsp cooking oil


  1. Heat the oil on a pan. Saute the garlic until fragrant. Add rebon, stir fry until cooked and fragrant.
  2. Throw in the winged bean, stir fry until cooked and all are covered with rebon, garlic and oil. Add enough water if necessary.
  3. Serve with hot steamed rice. Yumm!!

Very Indonesia. Yep, tanah air beta.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirley says:

    OMG! As if I can smell this dish from here. Looks damn yummy. Do I need a pich of salt to go with it, or the rebon is salty enough?

    1. Riana says:

      salty enough, Shir! Soale aku pakenya banyak, lebih dari 3 sdm kayaknya, hihihi…

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