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Just released: Food Photography For Everyone. Yes, everyone!

Food Photography For Everyone
How is it to take a food photo that really works? Can I use my simple pocket camera? How can I start with my entry level DSLR? How is it to perform a photo session when I am on a budget, have only few equipment and choking constraining time? How does different lighting make the food different? What is it about focus, DoF, PoI, angle, composition, styling, props? What are they really all about? I just want to take a good food photo. Period. How?
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Coming Up this July!

Video by Pinot

Ooh, yeah! I can’t wait to announce this!

Ok, here we go. Once upon a time, 4 female foodbloggers, met online and got to know each other via blogs and emails. Two of them live in Kuwait, one lives in New Zealand, one in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were bonded by two things they’re really passionate about: food and photography. One sunny day, they decided to write a book about the two: food photography. They worked on it for about 8 months, and now the book is on its way to the bookstores in Indonesia!

They call themselves EmpatRana, which translates as Four Shutters. They are Arfi Binsted, Dita Ichwandardi, Irra Fachriyanthi and me, Riana Ambarsari πŸ™‚

Here how the cover will look like:

Food Photography Made Easy

Here, we talk about food photography in simple, easy to understand terms, the way we learnt it in the first place. We reveal our humble home studios, which are basically a table, a source of light, some help from reflector and props, and more little help from our children :).

The book is projected to be available at bookstores in Indonesia this July 13rd, 2011 at the latest. So stay alert, you will wanna have this, trust me!

Nigella Kitchen: Imperfectly Perfect

Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the HomeNigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home by Nigella Lawson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always love Nigella right from the very beginning I saw her television program. I love everything about the show: the pictures, the photography, the flow, the concept, everything. The recipes are so-so, but i don’t know why that flaw, if it is actually one, doesn’t really matter to me. To me, recipes are more like ideas that we adapt freely from time to time rather than some sort of instruction sets. As long as they are not totally fraud, I appreciate and cherish them as the treasures I am obliged to explore more. And I love the simplicity and throw-your-caution-to-the-wind attitude she boasts which I think is more important than batting yourself with perfection. So far, I managed to try out some of her recipes, and even though I think the Triple Chocolate Brownies was not really a champ, I love her Cardamom Macaroons I wished I could have them everyday.

When I saw this book, I knew I would adore all the photos exactly like I dreamily stare at every frame, shot by shot in any television programs of her. They were the first thing I looked for in this book. But then I read it, and the writing,.. I heart! I enjoyed her narration so much I found myself taking notes of words I love :). I love her way of thinking incorporating gadgets and equipments, not only the ones that work for her, but also those that, in her words, “languished gathering dust in a cupboard under the stairs before being sent, defeatedly, off to the thrift store.”

I think I owe the adoration and religious loyalty of sitting in front of my TV set everytime she’s on to the fact that I simply see myself in her. Capturing imperfection as fun, enjoying kitchen mess like it is the most interesting decoration reflecting live and liveliness, I even agree with her idea about banishing kitchen drawers in any way other than for storing mugs! πŸ™‚

So, from me, five stars πŸ™‚

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Finally Released: The Book!

Harga buku cetakan kedua turun jadi 35 ribu saja.
Tabel ongkos kirim, lihat di sini:
Huah, ongkos FedEx naik jeh.. Sementara hubungi Yeni langsung untuk update harga terbaru ya. As soon as dapet tabel harga terbaru, langsung diupdate di bawah deh.
Pembelian dialihkan ke Yeni ya.. Udah di-update di bawah.
Kurir servicenya ganti, gak pake Tiki lagi, tapi pake FedEx. Jadi ongkos kirimnya menyesuaikan ya..
Harga buku turun jadi 40 ribu! Untuk yang dulu sempet beli dengan harga lama (65 ribu), segera hubungi akyu untuk pengembalian uang ya…

My 1st cooking book
Wayauuu… udah terbit nih! Buku ini disusun bareng temen-temen moderator di milis NCC. Yang nyari resep killer PennyLane Brownies, emang gak ada di blog, ..adanya di buku ini… haaa…

Photos by: Gandhi Prabowo

Juga resep-resep cake & cookies lain yang gak boong. Teruji oleh banyak orang, bukan cuma segelintir tim uji. Luengkep sama jurus-jurus makjoss nan ampuh yang bisa bikin seorang newbie jadi ratu cake & cookies! Berlebihan? Emang lebih… hehehe…
Harga: Rp 35.000,- + Ongkos Kirim

Cara belinya gampaaang:

  1. Transfer pembayaran sebesar harga buku + ongkos kirim ke bendahara NCC (alias Ibu Matre’, hihihi..):
    Atas nama: Yeni Suryasusanti
    BCA No rek: 546 00 94757
    Cabang Menara Batavia
  2. Kalau udah bayar, segera konfirm ke:
    Yeni Suryasusanti (ninie at dnet dot net dot id) dan cckan ke Bu Admin (NCCadmin at gmail dot com) dengan menyebutkan:
    – nama
    – jumlah yg ditransfer
    – tanggal dan waktu transfer
    – alamat pengiriman lengkap
    – nomor telepon (harus ada, kalo gak, nanti kurirnya gak mau nganter)
  3. Jangan lupa, transfernya plus ongkos kirim ya. Yang udah-udah, pemesan sering lupa transferin ongkos kirim, jadi prosesnya malah jadi lama karena harus bolak-balik.

Tabel Ongkos Kirim (RPX)

The Wilton School Decorating Cakes – a Reference and Idea Book

This is one of my lifetime favorite books. Once you get a grip with the basic of cake decorating, this book will be your pedagogy, your second bible (if you ever had the first one).

Although it’s good for intermediate to advance decorator, I don’t see why beginners cannot start from this. It’s your reference to almost any aspects of cake decorating, from basic to advance techniques, including charts: cake dividing chart, tip chart, measurement chart, etc. It will take you to the promise land. Safely.

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