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Lori’s Cheesecake

Lori! Ow yeah, she’s my favorite foodie girl. Her cheesecake, awesome. And surprisingly, the easiest cheesecake recipe I’ve ever made. If au bain marie is not your cup of tea, this recipe is.
A definite keeper. A champion one.
Ow, before I forgot, mine was without crust and chocolate. I baked it in muffin pan, perfect as a cheesecake-to-go. Plain cheesecake, damn good.
Tower One Up
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Butterscotch Cheesecake

Gather Up
It was one day after we lost Inong. I was so sad, brokendown. I’d been quiet all day and silently crying my eyes out.
Looking at my graveyard face, hubby came up with a devastating idea of the year,”Bake some cake. It will make you feel better,” a desperate attempt to cheer me up. A desperate attempt, indeed.
Not only it sounded silly as hell, it was ridiculous to the extreme. I mean, what was he thinking? Baking would only make me cry even louder because it would just remind me of Inong and all of the encounters I had with her. Baking! Is he insane? Oops, I forgot, he is insane. That’s why we hooked up in the first place, didn’t we, honey?
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New..York, New…Yooooork!!

This cheesecake journey never ceases to amaze me. I never thought I will find yet another kind of cheesecake that is so perfectly creamy, no one will suspect it was even baked!

They said this is the authentic New York cheesecake. I guess this is the famous soft creamy cheesecake Rachel and Chandler fought upon. One thing’s for sure, though: Don’t talk about cheesecake if you haven’t tasted New York’s cheesecake!!

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Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake

“Blueberry Cheesecake? Bikin sendiri nih?”
beneran sendiri, literally.
“Kok bisa sih???” bisalah. belajar.
“emang bisa ya cheesecake bikin sendiri?” BISA! *dzig* capek deh.
“Gile, rajin banget..” apa hubungannya cheesecake sama rajin?
“heran, kok bisa sih, kan ribet.” sok tau deh loe.
“yo owlo, loe harusnya bikin toko kue.” udah kok. namanya PennyLane’s Little Kitchen. Beli dunk.

Most people say this is the TRUE cheesecake. Densed, very rich, it will fill your mouth with lumps and lumps of sinful cakey cheese. Fool-proof recipe, somewhat easy (all cheesecakes are easy! that’s why they’re sinful..), and always ALWAYS be the rave of the crowd. So be prepared for the whole truth. And nothing but the truth.
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