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Chocolate Coffee Cake

Chocolate Coffee Cake in an Afternoon

I baked these this afternoon. It was the easiest coffee cake I’ve ever made. But then again, I rarely whipped up a coffee cake πŸ™‚

Coffee cake is not a coffee flavored cake, mind you. It is a simple cake intended to be served in afternoon coffee time, or in my case, tea time. Therefore, it boasts some specific characters:

  • a single layer cake – short, looks more like a bar
  • doesn’t necessarily have coffee in it
  • quick and easy to prepare, you know, to catch up the afternoon sky before it gets dark πŸ™‚

Now, this one might not boast the best texture in the world or a mind blowing chocolate flavor. It is dense like a fruitcake and it was a regular chocolatey burst. But hell, it’s the easiest chocolate nibble to make in half an hour, about 35 minutes in the oven, and.. voila! You got yourself a nice companion, beside your tea, to color your afternoon happy.

O yeah, you don’t have to take out your electric mixer. All the tools you need are a bowl, a whisk or spatula, and measuring cups. You don’t even have to sift anything.

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Chocolate.. seriously

Chocolate for Adults
I watched this episode of Jamie Oliver making this flourless chocolate cake and I couldn’t let go. After trying it, I lost words. I don’t know how to explain the feel, the taste, the experience. It was just.. different.
Then I found a review made by a woman named Elaine, and she spoke all the words I need.

“It has been years since I ate chocolate cake, and I must admit I approached this chocolate torte with much trepidation. Would it taste as good as the chocolate cakes I remember?
The answer is No.
Its much better than any chocolate cake I have ever eaten before!
The first impression that I got was chocolate. Not the sweet pappy chocolate flavour that you get when you buy “ordinary” chocolate cake, but a rich, dark bitter-sweet chocolate. A really Serious chocolate. Chocolate for Adults only, with an 18 certificate. Then the more subtle flavour and texture of nuts creeps into your awareness. Not strong, but subtle, and they gave the cake that bit more “bite” than pure chocolate could.
This isn’t a cake for eating when the munchies strike. It’s for eating when the curtains are closed, the candles are lit, the music is soft, and the mood is just right. It positively cries out for lashings of double cream – not whipped cream, but poured extravagantly over the top of a warmed portion, and allowed to soak in. It is almost too much cake for anyone to bear, and I defy anyone to tell it from a sugar and carb laden version, except, perhaps, that it’s better. ”

Elaine, I couldn’t agree more.
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One Tower Coming Up!

One Tower Up


“Something whose form is reminiscent of a ring-shaped cake.”
(Definition by

Well, that will do.

So my brownie can be a donut, too, as long it is ring-shaped. Yay.

PennyLane’s Brownies
(Published in the book of “18 Cakes & Cookies” by NCC)

4 eggs
400 g castor sugar
1 tsp vanilla
60 g cocoa powder
210 g plain flour
225 g vegetable oil
85 g chocolate chips
120 g any roasted nuts to your liking

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Chocolate Cookies, My Way

Chocolate Fudge Cookies
What can I say? The chocolate divine? I say, this is chocolate cookie, my way. Crispy on the outside, fudgy on the inside. Half of the basic batter was nothing but chocolate, you do the math.
Honestly, I lost words to describe how thrilled I was to have finally found this recipe. I adapted it from Joy of Baking, did some tweaking here and there, and voila, I got the perfect chocolate fudge cookies I always wanted. ‘Nuff said, I’ll let you be the judge.
However, you should pay attention to a few aspects to achieve the best result, although it all comes back to your personal taste and love affair with chocolate. The taste was 99% determined by the chocolate you use. How the chocolate tastes, that’s how your cookie will taste like. So make sure you use the best chocolate to your liking. I used the one with 100% cocoa butter, by the by.
Use vanilla extract, not vanilla powder. Vanilla powder is not vanilla.
Also, do not omit the white chocolate chips. I know some of you cast aside white chocolate from the realm of real chocolate. “White chocolate is not chocolate!” Hey, couldn’t agree more. I am one of you, I am on your side. But you know the Newton’s first law? Regarding inertia? And Nietzsche? How the existence was achieved only when the thesis and anti-thesis were pairing side by side? Now, the evil white chocolate was there to be the anti-thesis of our good dark chocolate. It’s there to make it happen, it’s there to strengthen our faith in the truth of dark chocolate, otherwise it might not even exist in the first place.
Last but not least, I couldn’t stress more on the kitchenware you use. I mean, bakeware for baking cookies is not that demanding. Many times I’ve been asked of how to achieve equal shape and size of cookies. Or how to get smooth bottom of the cookies. Why the cookies are so oily. Et cetera, et cetera. Same answer everytime. Best ingredients, and good –if not best– kitchenware. I’m talking about good cookie sheet, parchment paper or silicone baking mat, ice cream scoop, proper rack, and spatula. I love silicone mat– it’s my best friend.

Side effect: craving for more, excitement, … you know, the usual sugar high syndrome you and I are familiar with.

Double Deckers
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The Other One

Take Me
In the midst of doing this and that, you know, the usual; translations, web project (this time something I really had no clue about: programming, which I thank God that it’s over), I’ve been busy testing some recipes and taking their photos for one company’s website that soon to be launched. Finally somebody took my food photos seriously πŸ™‚
I was so damn tired and bored, when an angel came my way and said these magic words, “Riana, do you need anything from SG?” Ow My God, yes! Yes, I need something I’ve been craving for almost 3 years now!
When I visited Singapore in 2005, I came across this heavenly bites called Bakin’ Boys. I remember I even kept the box and brought it home, just for the sake of remembrance of this God’s gift to the world. I craved for it ever since.
Now, the angel, had asked me if I need anything from the land of the lion. My answer was definite as the sun will rise tomorrow morning. I need some bites of The Beatles of the cookies realm: Bakin’ Boys.
So right here, right now, when I’m breathing the air, living the life intended for me, I’m waiting for the magic package to arrive safely at my door. Pray for me, will you?
Ok. Back to the title of this post.
Remember Lemon Meringue Pie? I did mention I also baked Chocolate Meringue Pie, didn’t I? Well, here is the recipe. And the photo. And it was so good.
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