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Guilty Pleasure

Together We're Good
Ow, yeah, baby.
The photos speak more than the words could even describe, I hope. The sinful treats. The skeleton in our closets. The deep dark secret we keep, in which each one of us indulges ourselves to the core from time to time. Better than sex, better than p**n πŸ™‚
The french macaroons were in pistachio, blueberry, strawberry, rose and cappucino flavors. Yes, they’re sweet. Even too sweet for some people. But the meringue must have that much amount of sugar to hold its pretty round shape. And they had lots of ground almond, which made them a divine delight melting in your mouth good. Got them from Bakerzin, the desserts paradise, one of my happiest places ever exist.
Chunky Silver Queen
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Nigella’s Chocohotopots

Chocolate and Pale Pink
I‘m not really a fan of Nigella’s recipes. But I sure am a big fan of the show! Well,… after Jamie At Home, of course. C’mon. I mean, really.
The following recipe was not oh-my-God good, but it’s very easy to make, boasting the simple sweet and bitter taste, beautiful crack on top, wonderful gooey texture in the inside. Besides, the pots looked pretty πŸ™‚
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Dark Secret

Dark Bush
Dark, moist.
Light, very soft.
A true favorite.
Use good quality chocolate for best result. I used Burgundy powdered cocoa (I’m not Tulip‘s sales person!), and it’s just heaven. It smelled wonderful, with wonderful deep-color and heavenly flavor.
This recipe has been with me for awhile, one of my most reliable recipes that works everytime. For those of you who are new to baking, I suggest you pay attention to the basic technique of handling egg whites and folding it into batter. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.
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Exhibit A

Exhibit A
I think, I think, only in Indonesia people can find a brownie that is steamed. I personally never consider it as brownies. Steamed-rich-chocolate-layer cake, that’s what it is. I’m not a big fan of it, either. I just like this shot and am looking for a reason to put it up on this blog. Call me narcist, I’m happy πŸ˜€
By the way, the title is for the photo, not the post. Doesn’t it look like Agatha Christie kinda thing? Genius woman Agatha.
I’ve been thinking whether or not to write the recipe here. I mean, this recipe has been around the foodblogs (Indonesians) and group lists, I don’t think most people still need it anymore. They just like to see nice pictures of them, you know, to get the feel of eating it, maybe. I don’t know, whatever.
Then I decided to translate the recipe into English, so foreign foodbloggers can benefit from it. But you know, I know they won’t make it anyway, because while western cakes usually contain like 1 to 3 eggs for one cake, we use lots and lots of eggs. Yep, 14 eggs for one pan of chocolate cake is normal for us. I mean, we have Lapis Legit (1000 Layers Cake) and Lapis Surabaya (Surabaya Layer Cake) which alone can use up to 30 eggs each. Not to mention Mesuba and Kue 8 Jam (8 Hours Steamed Cake). God knows how many eggs my mom threw in when she made those things!
My Asian foodblogger friends probably would understand, though. Besides, recipes are not always to be tried. But more to be observed, I guess. When we feel we get this certain call to actually try it, that’s when the magic happens.
So, here you are my friend: The Recipe.
(I know I talked too much, but I hope you learnt something)
A Piece of Heaven
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