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The Pride of Dieng

On The Table


I know it doesn’t feel brand new here with me retaining the old design. What can I say, I’m either an old fashioned blogger or just too lazy to whip up a new design. In which the latter seems to be more likely. Nevertheless, it feels home, doesn’t it? Although I’m not quite sure if I’m still into blogging. Despite the time constraint, if I’m still into this, I should’ve always been able to find time to blog, shouldn’t I? To take pictures and write. When I keep coming up with the same old reason not to blog, doesn’t it say something? So why bother then?
Gee, you know what? I don’t know. Maybe I just miss it. Or being too nostalgic. Maybe I just don’t wanna let go yet. Or maybe, by keeping up blogging I’m hoping to be able to go back to those good old times. When everything seemed to be simpler and time was abundant.
Oh, screw.
I wanna tell you a story about the pride of Dieng Plateau. Carica and Dieng potatoes.

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Kecipir and Rebon for Mountain Climbing!

Kecipir and Rebon Stir Fry

Just a simple update on my contribution for UMU Magz #3, a mountain climbing e-magazine. Having said goodbye to personal projects and ultimately made peace with it, hopefully have stopped being in denial trying to convince myself that one day, one fine day, one good bright sunny day, I would go back to those good old times, I happily share one of my favorite simple dish invented back in those days.

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Things That Make You Go ‘Mmmm’

When it comes to salad, I am pretty much adventurous. By that, I mean sometimes I got a plate of heaven freshy, other times a bowl of garbage. Organic garbage, though 🙂
But this one, I think you can eat. And like, actually. The secret duo are: pecel sauce and cilantro. They unsurprisingly love each other, by the way.
Pecel spice is a spice mix popular in Indonesia, that is used to make the sauce in Pecel dish — an orchestra of steamed veggies that you have to try once in your lifetime because it’s oh-so-good.
Cilantro, well, you know it’s the magic thing that brought Thailand to the glamor world of international food realm. Cilantro is one of God’s exceptional gifts to the world. World with palates like you and me. It turns simple dishes to extravaganza. Making it special, making it expensive.
Salad, gone!
The salad’s gone already, sorry. Can’t help myself.
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Idul Adha Morning

Morning Coffee
Morning of Idul Adha. Prayed in mosque, went back home.
While hubby was sipping his morning coffee, I threw the ribs I fixed up the night before into the slow cooker and let it cook on HIGH until lunch time. Washed the rice, fixed up the spices, and threw them all into the rice cooker.
By lunch time, the ribs were stewing, the cardamom rice was warming in the rice warmer, Pacri Nanas was cooling in the fridge.
Yea, yea, it's ribs Ribs for Idul Adha
Pacri Nanas Cardamom Rice

Happy Idul Adha to all muslims in the world!
May Allah accept our sacrifice and place us in highest place.

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