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Hate this matter

Not Really An Update

One of my good friends texted me a few weeks ago:
“Check out the latest AJ, page 16. It’s small, I almost didn’t notice.”
Well, it was like 2 weeks later that I finally had time to go to Mangkok Putih, had a very nice lunch (Agadashi Tofu, my favorite! Yea, baby!), and opened the sacred page 16. There it was, small lines correcting that the credit title of Roti Gambang on their previous edition should read No kidding.
Hey, I’m not mad or anything. I’m not flying above the clouds either. I’ve forgiven this already. But that doesn’t stop things to be done the way they should be.
And ow, about the accusation that said I’ve done the same crime in the past to somebody else, that’s totally cheap shot. First, I personally did not do that, and I challenge anybody—who has the guts saying it to me face to face instead of leaving some fake identity, which by the way, only showed how bad you were raised— to actually prove your lame accusation. Second, the matter involved the community I happened to be one of the moderators of, and it was settled long time ago in a good and respectable manner. Third, I did not do that, and the challenge is on.
Some descent people texted me and emailed me suggesting that I should respond to that cheap shot. To them, I deeply apologize for my lateness. I hope I have enough time to read every comment, follow up every development on other blogs, but I don’t. I hope this not-so-an-up-date post can be considered as a response. I promise to eventually take a picture of page 16 showing the correction, just to be fair. (I did. Updated a few days later)


Meet The Thief: Appetite Journey

Appetite Journey, November 2007
Appetite Journey, November 2007, Page 16
I‘m not sure where to start. I don’t like dealing with this, but I have to.
The magazine is Appetite Journey. Surprise, surprise.
They refused to pay the amount I want. If you think gigantic amount, you’re wrong. If you think I’m laying a get-rich-quick scheme, you’re crazy. I want one million Rupiah, negotiable. But not negotiable to 200 thousand Rupiahs! Yes, that’s the amount they think they are accountable for stealing my photo.
Appetite Journey, November 2007
Appetite Journey, November 2007, Page 16
I‘ve written to a national newspaper about this. I hope it would be published. But if not, I will keep writing.
And I am looking at the possibility to press legal charge on this. I am so ready.
I never thought I would be the next victim of this series of stealing. Mbak Rieke, Mas Budi, and my two other blogger friends who refuse to reveal their names; they were once the victims of such crimes, and nothing was done. Nothing. The thieves never even apologized.
I have to do all this, although I hate it. At least I’ll then be able to say that I’ve done the right thing, that I’ve done what was necessary. And I will pass on the unfinished job to the next warrior.
‘Nuff said.
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Update on Illegal Photo Publication

The story began when one of my foodie friend texted me:
I saw your photo of roti gambang in the latest edition of ******** *******,
but there’s no attribution whatsoever. Are you aware of this?

I was in Surabaya, and quite in shock. Because it’s a high profile magazine, the one whose market is upper class society, A-class readers, presented in glamorous look, on premium paper, the one you can’t just randomly find at the newsstand, for they are exclusively distributed at certain pickup points such as cafes, hotels, lounges and fancy restaurants. It has its own reader’s club –yes, with all the fancy member card and all–, mailing list and an impressive website.
Arriving in Jakarta 2 days later, I immediately headed off to Mangkok Putih in Citos (Cilandak Town Square) to get one of the magazines. And there it was, on page 16.
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Eventually Comes My Day

Gambang Bread 2We become very familiar with piracy. It’s everywhere. On the net, off the net. I initially believed that since my photos posted on the net were all in low-res, worst comes to worst, they would probably only be hijacked on the net (and they were, twice so far). They wouldn’t be good printed.
Obviously I was wrong.
The above photo was published in a food magazine just last week.
Yes, without my consent, without attribution whatsoever. Whereas my terms clearly stated (check out my sidebar):

It’s a high profile magazine, actually. Surprise, surprise.
I’ll keep you all posted.
The photo originally appeared in this post and this post.

Update on this matter