Kecipir and Rebon for Mountain Climbing!

Kecipir and Rebon Stir Fry

Just a simple update on my contribution for UMU Magz #3, a mountain climbing e-magazine. Having said goodbye to personal projects and ultimately made peace with it, hopefully have stopped being in denial trying to convince myself that one day, one fine day, one good bright sunny day, I would go back to those good old times, I happily share one of my favorite simple dish invented back in those days.

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From Bangkok With Love

In my confusion of whether or not Blogsome is ending its service (so I double-posted this to my old Blogsome blog), I found myself sitting by my kitchen table one afternoon. Tea with honey. And some sweet nibbles. I remembered wanting to post this but something always got in the way. Like my procrastination habit, that is.

Kenny, a senior writer of Lifestyle+Travel magazine in Bangkok, emailed me one day. He was compiling food blogs for an article in their food-inspired issue and wanted to mention this blog and used some photos. An over-excited me, agreed in a split second :D.

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Hey, you :)

I’m glad you’re here, because most probably you followed a link from my old kitchen on that is about to be closing down in a matter of hours now. Thank you for believing in me.

This new place is still a mess right now, I dunno if I ever get it together, knowing that I needed one whole year to complete the old design in Hopefully I can break the curse!

The design, of course, will be changing. I still want my “egg” to be up there 🙂

So, yeah. I hope you stay around.
(i meant: don’t leave me!)


Riana Ambarsari

The Islands of Spices! – and a girl in love..

Culinary Delight of Eastern Indonesia
Lalampa, Kue Pisang Kenari, Ikan Bumbu Asam, Ikan Woku Belanga, Guraka, Bubur Manado

Just got back from 2 weeks voyage across Ternate – Raja Ampat – Banda Neira – Ambon, where I went crazy for Kue Pisang Kenari, Guraka, Terong Saus Kenari, Cinnamon Tea and Nutmeg Jam!

Adventure-wise, I had an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. Food-wise, I’m deeply in love.

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