Japanese Style Cheesecake

Update 30/06/05: Recipe in English is now available



After taking a long and winding road in searching the recipe for my favorite Eaton Cheesecake, finally the journey came to an end. And it’s a yummy ending.

All the folks on the groups who tried this recipe agreed that it’s like having clouds of soft lemony cheese in your mouth. Clouds!

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Yoghurt Cake

yoghurt cake
Super moist!

Its fragrance and flavor will remind you of Laura’s little house on the prairie, whose kitchen was always warm and smelled so good.

Perfect cake for a beautiful afternoon with a cup of hot tea. Aaaah…

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Klapertaart alright Deadly irresistable! 

Custard pudding filled with kenari {walnut??} and fresh young coconut, topped with soft meringue. This recipe yields tons of cups! But what the heck, they’ll all be gone before you know it, ‘coz one is never ever enough!

Thanks to Ruri for sharing the recipe {she took a class at Wilton Fatmawati to get this recipe. So, thanks to you too, Wilton Fatmawati}
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