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The Islands of Spices! – and a girl in love..

Culinary Delight of Eastern Indonesia
Lalampa, Kue Pisang Kenari, Ikan Bumbu Asam, Ikan Woku Belanga, Guraka, Bubur Manado

Just got back from 2 weeks voyage across Ternate – Raja Ampat – Banda Neira – Ambon, where I went crazy for Kue Pisang Kenari, Guraka, Terong Saus Kenari, Cinnamon Tea and Nutmeg Jam!

Adventure-wise, I had an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. Food-wise, I’m deeply in love.

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Some fruits, perhaps, are not meant to be eaten, no matter how good they are. How can you chew a fruit whose flesh refuses to be separated from its pit whatsoever ? Tell me. Then tell me about Menteng, fruits from my childhood time. It is dominantly sour. It is also sweet, succulent, but will fight you back when you try to rip off its flesh just to get a teeny tiny bit of those juicy cheeks.
Tell me about Menteng.

The Sexiest Fruit: Gedong Gincu!

Mangga gedong. Or gedong mango? For me, it is like the perfect fruit. Gedong Gincu is even better. What you call something that is better than perfect? Gincu means lipstick. Gedong Gincu is the reddish gedong mango. Very fragrant, very vibrant in color, extremely luscious, super delicious!
Mango is now in its peak season in Jakarta. Harum Manis, specially, the primadona of the business. But, still mangga gedong is the one I prefer, the one I consider as luxury.
As they are now in season, it brings the price to the lowest in a year. They sell Harum Manis at Rp 10,000 per 3 kilos! This Mangga Gedong Gincu, at Rp 14 thousand something per kilo. Lot cheaper than the normal price, which could reach twice as high.
I just can’t help myself bagging these babies like crazy this morning. Now two of them had settled down in my happy stomach.
Happy mango season πŸ™‚

Local Beries!!

Now available in this retarded country!!
I was doing quick shopping today, just to buy some strawberries for my Strawberry Cheesecake, when I saw these plastic boxes of blackberries and raspberries, just next to the strawberries. The label said “Local Raspberry” and “Local Blackberry“.


The price tag is 15 and 19 thousand Rupiahs. This is so cool!
I mean, I’ve been wanting to use blackberries and raspberries in my recipes, but their rarity and prices got in my way. Hmm… now I know what I’m gonna post for SHF #9 πŸ™‚

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